LEGO BIONICLE:The Cartoon Series is a flash cartoon web series, based on the first wave of the rebooted Bionicle theme, that first aired in January 1, 2015 in the BIONICLE site with the pilot episode The Legend. The series follows the Toa in their attempts to stop the evil Makuta Spirit and his minions. Each episode is about three-minute-long.

List of episodes

  • 0.The Legend
  • 1. Prophecy of Heroes
  • 2. The Arrival
  • 3.Quest for the Golden Masks
  • 4.The Protectors Fight Back
  • 5.The Power of the Golden Masks
  • 6. Quest for the Mask Maker
  • 7.Team of Heroes
  • 8.Lord of Skull Spiders
  • 9.City of the Mask Makers
  • 10.When Evil Rises
  • 11.The Arena
  • 12.The Game
  • 13.Fallen Heroes
  • 14.Beware Their Tails
  • 15.Tomb of Ekimu
  • 16.Unity,Duty,Destiny
  • 17.Forge of the Mask Maker
  • 18.The Mask of Creation

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