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LEGO Bricktopia
LEGO Bricktopia
LEGO Theme:


Date Released:

September 5, 2006


Single Player





LEGO Bricktopia is a computer game released in 2006. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

A brand new spin on a classic retro style! Work your way through over 160 challenging levels of pure brick action. Customize the shape of your paddle by catching and stacking LEGO bricks, or unleash the power of each LEGO brick to charge your shield. Grab one of 20 unique power-ups to give yourself a leg up in your adventure. Play in either casual or expert mode to gain the skills you need to complete your journey through Bricktopia.

Game Features: Retro Arcade Game Play Over 160 Animated Levels An Unlockable "Blitz" Mode 20 Collectible Power-ups Kaleidoscopic Visuals An Original Interactive Score

Minimum System Spec: Windows 98, XP, 2000, Pentium 600 MHz Processor, 256 MB Memory, DirectX 8, Audio Card


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