LEGO Imagination Center Downtown Disney® Marketplace Orlando, FL, USA

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LEGO Imagination Center Downtown Disney® Marketplace Orlando, FL, USA
City: Colorado

The LEGO Store in Orlando, is located in Downtown Disney® Marketplace.

The LEGO Imagination Center's temporary location can be found in the Marketplace of Downtown Disney. We are located between the restaurant Earl of Sandwich and the Disney Store Once Upon a Toy. Parking Lot 1 Sections A and B will provide you with the quickest access to our store. LEGO Imagination Center Re-Imagined! "Come see what we made!" New "WOW" models, like a 12-foot T-Rex and larger than life Titan XP Robot. Special portholes showcase LEGO motion activated scenes. Inside is a gigantic Pick A Brick wall - the world's largest - featuring bricks of every conceivable color and variety! Newly improved demonstration area with hands-on events, like mural construction and beat-the-clock building contests. Make the LEGO Imagination Center in Orlando, Florida one of your vacation stops this year.

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