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LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues
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Indiana Jones


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Traveller's Tales


Feral Interactive (Mac OS X)[1]

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USA: November 17, 2009


Action, Adventure


Singleplayer, Two-player simultaneous




Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, Windows PC, Mac OS X[1]

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues is a 2009 video game developed by Traveller's Tales and published by LucasArts. The game was released on November 17, 2009 for the Nintendo Wii , Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable and Windows PC.

The Mac OS X version of the game was released by Feral Interactive on 16 May 2011.[1]

The levels from the original game are tweaked, and new ones have been added, eg. the Shanghai car chase from The Temple of Doom.


The game allows gamers to play a "tongue-in-cheek take on all four cinematic adventures,"[2] including the latest film in the franchise, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which was not included in the previous game. The gameplay will consist of the same drop in/out co-op play as all of the previous game, but will have a split screen function, which will appear when one character goes off screen, and disappear when the character gets closer to the second one. Another new feature is the level builder, were you can make your own adventures by creating levels and linking them in a chain. This feature has been used again in the more recent LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. The main process is to choose enviroments, and place various levers, push boxes, buttons and weight plates and link them by a red line to traps and mechanisms, with the line dissapearing once the level is being played. Props, such as tents, boxes, statues and plants, and enemies and bosses such as guards and spiders can be placed, as well as water, lava, and quicksand. There are new level hubs, but instead of one, like Barnett College in the first, there are one for each of the movies.


There are a lot of glitches in that game, much more than in the 1st part mostly because level creator mode was added. For example:

Once I created kind of high rectangle landscape (sorry for my english, Im not from any english speaking country) in my level and then I forgot how I'm supposed to get there, so I just started to try to jump on it so finally I fell like kind of... out of world... then I respawned at the top of that... rectangle landscape...

Glitch 2: Go to character creator and give some character any shooting weapon (I MEAN THE ONES WHICH CAN TRIGGER TARGET SWITCH), test this character, then right when you head to that light circle where you came from press square (x on x box) the gun will constantly shoot in direction where it was targeted to in the moment you returned to the circle, you'll get this effect about 3rd time u try, better take bazooka and when u get it switch to for example crossbow, it will shoot bazooka missiles! I'm not sure projectiles cause any effect and demage because I played solo but its really funny.

Warning, if you experiment with that too much the game can freeze.

Glitch 3: It was a glitch when soldier (whose primary weapon is PISTOL) picked up a pistol! I even have photo where his pistol lights red because it runs out of ammo.

Glitch 4: Go to Temple of doom map, if you have any plane take it and fly to the yeti cave in the righter part of map, jump out of plane and don't go in the yeti cave, go to the right it will be some kind of small snow hill go up with it, now u can walk on the mountains or if u go further straight u'll fall out of map but you won't die, you'll swim but if you go in the back direction you'll fall somehow somewhere again and this time you'll die.

Glitch 5: Go to the Raiders of the lost ark map and find volcano in the back part of map, it is entrance to the one of super bonus levels and you absolutely don't need to build this catapult thing on the land to get there! Just jump there and get million without getting any artifacts!

Glitch 6: You can walk outside the map borders (invisible walls) by jumping into a plane and having another player in the game, and when you are above the area you want to enter, drop out (this will cause you to drop from the plane) and quickly join the game again. Now you are somewhere where you shouldn't be.

Glitch 7: Similar to glitch 2, but this time choose a weapon that can be thrown (like a bottle). Change the weapon into something that can't be thrown and test the character. The game freezes because you are trying to throw your fist or tool.


The game is less accurate to the original and the Crystal Skull movies, because the story line put into the game doesn't consist of what had happened in the movies; this includes several monster boss battles, monkeys stealing the sunstones, Indiana Jones being ambushed by Russians aboard a train, Oxley being kidnapped by the Ugha, and the Well of Souls being directly underneath the maproom.


Each movie contains two puzzle levels, one involving a boss, a vehicle chase, a brawl, and a giant boss battle. Each level conatains one through three large rooms, and after entering a second room the player can't return to the previous room; in between each room is always a cutscene. Most of the game's boastings are about the Level Builder, Splitscreen, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


This game, however, includes some disabilities including being unable to view cutscenes when not in levels, lack of secrets in the main levels, returning to hub after each level, few characters and customizable parts, five levels instead of six for a movie, and also shorter levels. After completing a level, players would return to the hub and the entrance to next level would be discovered, sometimes involving a character unlocked in a level. Also, after beating a story level, a treasure mode replacing free play becomes available, where the players would need two different characters to pass a puzzle and retrieve an artifact. Artifacts can be found in bonus levels. After collecting all ten artifacts, a super bonus city level would be unlocked.


Raiders of the Lost Ark, set in 1936

Level 1 (Puzzle Boss): Raven Rescue
Level 2 (Brawl): Market Mayhem
Level 3 (Puzzle): Map Room Mystery
Level 4 (Vehicle): After The Ark
Level 5 (Boss Battle): Belloq Battle

Temple of Doom, set in 1935

Level 1 (Vehicle): Lao Chase
Level 2 (Puzzle): Monkey Mischief
Level 3 (Brawl): Malice at the Palace
Level 4 (Puzzle Boss): Temple Tantrum
Level 5 (Boss Battle): Mola Rampage

Last Crusade, set in 1938

Level 1 (Puzzle Boss): Coronado Caper
Level 2 (Puzzle): Brunwald Blaze
Level 3 (Brawl): Berlin Brawl
Level 4 (Vehicle): Cannon Canyon
Level 5 (Puzzle/Boss Battle): Trial and Terror

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:Part 1-USA, set in 1957

Level 1 (Puzzle Boss): Hangar Havoc
Level 2 (Puzzle): Doom Town
Level 3 (Brawl): Cafe Cahos
Level 4 (Vehicle): Motorbike Mayhem
Level 5 (Boss Battle): Crane Train

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:Part 2-Peru, set in 1957

Level 1 (Puzzle): Peru Cell Pursual
Level 2 (Puzzle Boss): Tomb Doom
Level 3 (Brawl Boss): Mac Attack
Level 4 (Vehicle): Rainforest Rumble
Level 5 (Boss Battle): Dovchenko Duel

Kindom of the Crystal Skull:Part 3-Akator, set in 1957

Level 1 (Puzzle): Repair Scare
Level 2 (Vehicle): River Ruckus
Level 3 (Puzzle Boss): Temple Tangle
Level 4 (Brawl): Ugha Struggle
Level 5 (Boss Battle): Akator Ambush

Super Bonus Levels

Lost World: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Treasure Trap: Temple of Doom
Lionheart: The Last Crusade
Space Rocket: Crystal Skull P1
Bike Fright: Crystal Skull P2
Alien Ship: Crystal Skull P3


Level Creator

  • This can be unlockable after completing the first level. The Player gets to build his/her own level and test it. Using linking tools, enemies, props, traps, and landscaping.

Creator Characters

DS and PSP Versions

The DS and PSP versions did not feature levels from the first three movies, and it didn't include the level creator. Additionally, there were no cutscenes at all.


Act 1

  • Hangar 51
  • Doomtown
  • Escape the Russians
  • Peruvian Asylum

Act 2

  • Orenalla's Tomb
  • Soviet Camp
  • Jungle Chase
  • Ant Escape

Act 3

  • River Chase
  • Ugha Temple
  • Ugha Ruins
  • Escape from Akator

The game also had multiple characters that did not appear in the console and PC versions.


Set number Console Price
2853593 Xbox 360 US $59.99 / €39.99
2853594 PlayStation 3 €59.99
2853595 PlayStation Portable €39.99
2853596 Wii €59.99
2853597 Nintendo DS €59.99
2853694 Windows PC €29.99


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