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The LEGO Maniac is an iconic LEGO character used by the LEGO theme in instructions and commercials.


In commercials, the character was shown building things and playing with them, accompanied by a song about their LEGO mania (nearly the same in every case, except that they had a few variations for different themes). LEGO originally had their LEGO Maniac named Zach/Zack, but when an imitator made their "sets" under the name of Zaks, LEGO changed the name to Jack to avoid unintentionally advertising for this fake. They changed it back to Zach/Zack later. Zach/Zack has been played by three different people. The last LEGO Maniac commercials aired in 1994. In 1990-1994, the LEGO Maniac advertised Blacktron Future Generation, Ice Planet 2002, Nautica, Flight (Town), Pirates and Islanders, among other themes.

During the 1990's, the M-Tron, the Blacktron, and the Blacktron Future Generation sets were advertised by Mac/Mack the Lego Maniac.

In LEGO set instructions for some older themes, the LEGO Maniac (a cartoon individual) was shown "playing" or "adventuring" within the theme/set.

In Popular Culture

  • In the Nostalgia Critic episode "Revenge of the Nostalgic Commercials", Zack the Lego Maniac is seen, but the Critic (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) envisions him as having grown up to become a mentally unstable 35 year old man living in his grandmother's house, working on bombs and making a list of bullies he seeks to kill. He is deemed "Zack the Psycho Maniac" by the narrator, who sings a song very similar to that of the original commercials. The Critic also comments on the Zak and/or Jack name change and actor changes and how the Maniacs are apparently mass produced.