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LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game (Gameboy Advance) is the name given to the Gameboy Advance version of the game LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game. The Gameboy Advance version was created by a different company, rather than Traveler's Tales who created the console counterpart, which is also referred as the main version.

The game features no gameplay similarities to the main version, making it a completely different game than the console counterpart.

Gameplay and Differences

Lego Star Wars GBA

Obi Wan being attacked by droids.

The many differences are listed here, the biggest one being that the game has no gameplay-related similarities and was created by completely different companies.

The Gameboy version has fifteen characters compared to the near one-hundred featured in the console counterpart. The studs, or in-game currency, is valued much less (gray LEGO studs are worth 1, blue 5, and yellow 10 stud credits), no multiplayer co-op mode, fewer levels, the level selection is based from on a menu screen rather than a hub area, and the cutscenes consist of still frames.

All Lightsaber users are able to deflect blaster shots aimed at them (provided they are attacking the shot) and each character has their own style. They also are the only ones able to use the Force to interact with undeployed platforms and switches. However, unlike other versions of the game, blaster shots can only be deflected if they are headed straight towards the player at the front, not the back or sides of the character. Blaster characters can charge a shot by holding the button, making it stronger and able to pass through several enemies. However, as they don't have the shot deflecting abilities of Jedi, their use is quite limited.

The game features some exclusive levels that are not featured in the console versions. An example of this would be searching Tatooine for Watto and Anakin Skywalker, returning to Tatooine as Anakin Skywalker, and multiple visits to Geonosis. Although there are exclusive levels, there are some missing. There is no podrace on Tatooine, no Geonosis Arena battle, and no visit to Kamino.

Throughout the levels there are Jawas, who are willing to sell quick abilities in exchange for studs.

For an undiscernible reason, this version of the game is quite rare.

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