LEGO Star Wars Funzone
Star Wars Funzone App
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Star Wars







Date Released:

April 28, 2012




iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

LEGO Star Wars Funzone is an app released on April 28, 2012 for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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Take LEGO® Star Wars™ Funzone with you everywhere and immerse yourself in the “Creations” photo gallery stream filled with awesome creations built and shared by fans in the community. You can also be the first to watch all the newest and coolest LEGO Star Wars videos directly on the app!

VIDEOS Watch all the latest and coolest LEGO Star Wars movies, animated web comics and commercials. As a bonus feature, you can download each movie to the app, so you can watch movies when you don’t have access to a wireless network or 3G.

CREATIONS Unleash the force of your creativity. Take pictures of your awesome new creations with the app and upload them directly to the Creations gallery where millions of fans can see and comment on them. Use the app to keep track of what other fans are saying about your creation.

KEY FEATURES -3G mode can be switched off so users cannot stream content whilst on 3G -All photos, descriptions, tags and comments are moderated 24/7 to ensure high safety standards for our users -Unlimited creations can be submitted -Up to 5 images per creation can be submitted -Interact with other fans through giving and receiving likes and comments -Full iPhone 4, iPod Touch front and back camera support -Delete downloaded movies within settings -LEGO ID sign-in is required to upload creations and comment on them (you can sign-up through or through the app if you don’t already have a free account) – but is not required to browse creations and/or watch movie content -Move the iOS device to activate lightsaber sounds

Look out for updates as the LEGO Star Wars team will be adding awesome new features and content.

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