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In 1934, the first logo was created by the LEGO Group. It was used on correspondence, shipping labels and other printed materials, but not on toys. Starting in 1936 an ink stamp “LEGO Fabriken Billund” was used on the wooden toys.

This logo was first introduced in 1939 or 1940. It was used extensively on wooden toys, typically in the form of an applied decal, for the next 10 years.


This logo was introduced with the first plastic toys.

LEGO Mursten Logos




During 1953, all three of these logos were used.

Late 1954

The first of the oval logos. This appeared on LEGO Mursten catalogs. The company had still not standardized on colour. Examples exsists in several colours, typically depending on the colour of the catalog.

The System i Leg and LEGO System (Subtheme of System I Leg) Logos


This logo first appeared on the System i Leg sets. The original logo was appears to be hand drawn and is different on various boxes from early 1955.


The classic dogbone logo from late 1955. It was the first time the logo was standardized, in terms of both design and colour. It was used across all toys lines and appears widely on both plastic and wood toys.


The first of the square logos. This and many variants were used worldwide for the next 13 years.

The Modern Logos


A variation of the 1960 logo. Includes the colour bars (red, yellow, blue, white, and black) and was the first to include the registered trademark as part of the LEGO name.


This logo appeared in 1973, the same year that LEGO began its own production and distribution in the US. It represents an attempt to standardize on a single worldwide logo and remains the most recognizable version of LEGO’s brand identity.


A redesign, or in LEGO's words, a “graphic tightening”, of the 1973 logo to allow for better digital (i.e. internet) reproduction.


  • The logo that was a red oval with white letters was "affectionately" nicknamed the "Sausage Logo".
  • LEGO Mursten means "LEGO Bricks" in English.


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