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Legends of Chima


Gold Armour


2013 - 2014

"Defend the temple, Protect the Chi!"

Lagravis is a minifigure that appears in the Legends of Chima theme and the LEGO Legends of Chima TV Series.


Variant 1 Lagravis dons a sleeveless Pearl Gold Chestplate with a Dark Blue kilt and Cape of the same colour.

Variant 2 Similar to the other lions, their king has cream-coloured skin and wears a blue kilt and golden armour. Unlike the other lions, however, whose hair is either orange, brown or red, his hair is light-grey. His armour covers most of his upper body. Lagravis also wears a blue cape.

Variant 3 Lagravis has sleeveless, red chest armor and pants, along with a Dark Red cape.


Lagravis is this elderly king of the lion tribe. He was first seen presiding over his son, Laval's "age of becoming ceremony". In The Crescent, he becomes confused upon learning the truth about the origin of Mount Cavora. After hearing that he, like Fluminox is the serious type that lacks a sense of humor, he seeks to find one. He has Longtooth help him find it. He finds it when Laval says that he met a girl (Li'ella), from a flying building (Phoenix Fire Temple) and that he's in love. Lagravis laughs at the ridiculousness of the statement.

In The Snowball Effect, he is frozen and taken by the Ice Hunters to be added to Sir Fangar's collection, but in A very slippery slope he is freed.


  • In 70010 The Lion CHI Temple, Lagravis' weapon is similar to the silver serpent-striker utilized by the Ninja in Ninjago sets.
  • In the webisode "Like Father Like Son" he still has a Grey Mane, even though he is supposedly young.
  • He has a brother, Lavertus.
  • He's one of the other lions who returned in the third wave of sets.
  • He has only laughed once, in The Crescent.


TV Appearances

Gallery of Variants

Lagravis 1
Without ArmourGold ArmourFire



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