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Mount Cavora

The Land of Chima is the setting for Legends of Chima and its spin-off media, including a TV series and video games. It is a fictional world shared by anamorphic characters fighting for control of a powerful natural resource known as Chi.


The Land of Chima is a kingdom shared by at least eighteen tribes of anamorphic creatures including Lions, Crocodiles, Wolves, Eagles, Ravens, Bears, Beavers, Rhinos, Scorpions, Spiders, Bats, Saber-Tooth Tigers, Vultures, Mammoths, Phoenix, Leopards, Tigers, and three Nomads, a Skunk, Fox and Peacock. [1]

A natural resource called Chi which contains a condensation of nature's raw energy flows through the water from Mount Cavora, which was formed by a tornado and earthquake,[2] and is the source of the land's life.[3] The chi is carried by the Cavora River to the Sacred Pool of Chi in the lions' territory. It is here that it blends with minerals to become glowing, blue orbs. If there is too much or not enough Chi contained in the pool, the whole land will feel the effects and natural balance will be altered heavily.[3] To keep the pool from overflowing, the lions share the Chi with friends and foes alike to ensure that it is used.[3]

Fire Chi and Chi

Fire Chi next to an Orb of regular Chi

Chi is used to power vehicles, weapons, and can be a weapon itself, but is often saved as a last resort because it is physically draining. When placed on a chest of an Chima inhabitant, in a special harness they all wear, they will be connected to a more animalistic state with enhanced instincts, powers, and abilities from a surge of life force.[3]

The energy produced by Chi can last for days or hours before losing its glow, evaporating, and returning to nature.[3]

Fire Chi is the same as Chi except for the fact that it can allow vehicles to enter Fire Chi-Power mode and like it's name, provides a Fiery mix to Chi.

Mount Cavora grants the inhabitants of Chima with not only Chi, but also wheels which are formed from rocks that fell from the mountain. The wheels run on nature and work best when there is lush greenery around them, and poorly in desert and other barren biomes. The wheels are fitted with chariots shaped like the animal rider's head, so the animals can ride them. These chariots are called Speedorz.[4]

Cragger on Speedorz

Cragger riding a Speedor

Speedorz are used in tournaments for entertainment and an arena for housing them is located in the Grand Arena of Chima.[4] The arena can be transformed by rare, golden chi to house different obstacles and environments. The winner in a tournament is awarded the golden chi, which every tribe sends representatives for a chance to obtain. For a long time, speedor competitions were used as an alternative to war to solve squabbles.[4]

The Grand Arena of Chima is not the only place where Speedorz are used. They are also used for transport across the extensive world and for amusement by young animals in front of the lions' temple where there is a large, mossy patch.[4]

A common mineral in Chima is chimoralium.[5] Most tribes use it to create tools, weapons, or artifacts.[5]

The swamp area where the Crocodile tribe lives is also known to contain a thick, unnamed gas which can be placed in a shaft to ignite a gel and form a flame.[6] At the bottom of the swamps, a special rock, known as a crook stone, that glows in the dark can be found.[7]

At the border of Chima is a location called the Outlands which was where Lavertus was banished to.


Chima poster

A promotional image from LEGO Club Magazine depicting the lions and eagles fighting with the crocs, wolves, and ravens

Peace lasted in Chima for many years between the tribes.[1] Though the tribes did not always agree, conflict was avoided by Speedor tournaments. However, this changed when crocodile prince Cragger plugged an orb of Chi into his chest before his age of becoming, causing bad blood between the lions and crocodiles. When chased by his best friend Laval for breaking the rules, he accidentaly caused an all out battle between their tribes. In the heat of the battle, the wise king of the Crocodiles, Crominus, and his queen, Crunket, fell off of a cliff, which left Cragger to rule. While Cragger was a reasonable, but depressed, ruler, his sister Crooler hypnotized him into blaming the lions for their "death".[1]

Cragger declared war on the lions, to spark a revolution. The crocodiles were joined by the thieving ravens and barbaric wolves, while the lions were joined by the gorillas, bears, and calculating eagles. While the Rhinos, mostly neutral.[1]

70002 alt2

Lennox driving the lion attack buggy

Vehicles built for combat and powered by Chi are known to be used by at least six of the nine tribes[3] (any vehicles for the Bears and Rhinos are unknown). They are stylized after the tribe's patron animal and often contain attributes valued by their tribe. The Claw Ripper (used by the crocodiles) has overpowered wheels,[8] and Cragger's Command Ship represents their aquatic power. The Eagle Interceptor can gracefully fly,[9] the Lion Attack buggy is quick and defensive,[10] the Raven Glider is stealthy,[11] and the wolves' Pack Tracker is bulky and destructive.[12] Images show a mech used by the gorilla tribe, but its strengths, like the tribe's attributes, remain unknown.


The World of Chima includes Eighteen known tribes: Lions, Crocodiles, Eagles, Wolves, Ravens, Gorillas, Bats, Spiders, Scorpions, Bears, Rhinos, Beavers, Saber-Tooth Tigers, Vultures, Mammoths, Leopards, Tigers, Phoenixes, and three Nomads. [1]

Lion Tribe

Lion King TV Show O

Lagravis, the Lion King

The [[Lion Tribe's government is known to include a monarchy and a council of elders[13]. The lions distribute the Chi and maintain the pool which it comes from. Their vehicles, buildings, and monuments are often coloured in an orange-yellow with brown manes and tan accents.[10]

When a lion comes of age, they are given a sword similar to a katana called a katar, which symbolizes the wisdom and strength they should have as adult lions.[14]

The first two weapons formed from chi still exist in Chima, and are owned by the Lion Tribe, the Royal Valious of Unity[15] and the Royal Valious[16] which are indestructible and passed down through the Lion Tribe's royalty until the Royal Valious made its way to Laval.[16]

Several members of the Lion Tribe are known, including:

  • Laval: The young prince of the Lion Tribe, also known to be of interest to Li'ella.[17]
  • Lagravis: The Lions' King and Laval's father.[18]
  • Lennox: A member of the Lions' military who specializes in driving vehicles and speedorz.[19]
  • Longtooth: An older Lion who, though old enough to be on the Council of Elders, still serves as a soldier.[13]
  • Leonidas: Another soldier who is efficient at his job, but can only take one command at a time.[20]
  • Lavertus: Lagravis' Brother, and Laval's uncle, who was framed for a crime by Crominus, and was in turn banished into the Outlands, only to be seen again as Shadowind.
  • Li'ella: A Lioness and a love interest of Laval, who's adopted father is a Tiger.

Crocodile Tribe


The croc king, Crominus

The Crocodile Tribe is also run by a king.[21][22] The crocodiles live in a swampy area, which is the source of a gas that can be used in conjunction with a gel to create a torch-weapon.[6] Another resource found in the swamp is the crook stone, a rock which glows in the dark.[7]

The crocodiles have an old, royal weapon they call Grandiorus. It doubles as Crominus' sword and sceptre.[23] The Royal Hakraxx is an axe which can only be used by the tribe's ruling king.[24] The Vengdualize is a double-bladed sword passed from the croc king to his heir when he or she comes of age.[25]

The vehicles used by the crocs often use olive green as a base colour with transparent red windshields, if any, with accents of dark red.[8]

  • Cragger: The Prince of the Crocodile Tribe who was King for a while until his parents were found.[22]
  • Crooler: Cragger's twin sister with an obsession for power, is the real ruler of the Crocodiles due to a hypnotic plant controlling her Brother's every move.[26]
  • Crominus: The King of the Crocodiles who was presumed to be dead, but was found. He is Cragger and Crooler's father.[21]
  • Crunket: Crominus' Queen and past interest of Lavertus.[21]
  • Crug: Described as being a henchman or goon for Cragger.[26]
  • Crawley: Another goon for Cragger.[27]

Eagle Tribe

The eagles, who live in cliffs,[28] are known for being analytical and having the ability to fly without vehicles.[29] They have a Ruling Council,[30] but the history of a weapon wielded by Equila called the Eglaxxor suggests some form or another of Eagle Tribe royalty,[28][31] though it is possibly a thing of the past.

The eagles' vehicles are coloured blue and white with yellow beaks.[9]

  • Ewald: The current head of the Eagles' Ruling Council[30]
  • Eris: Is more quick-thinking than the other eagles, but is still very intelligent. She prefers to be with the earth-bound inhabitants of Chima, like her friend Laval.[29]
  • Equila: The Eagles' "Flying Ace" who is very talkative, and thus is the announcer for the Monthly Speedor Competitions.[31]
  • Ewar: Another member of the Eagles' army. Ewar is very strict when it comes to following a plan, and is unable to recalculate without receiving a major setback.[32]
  • Eglor: The Eagles' Technician and Inventor.

Wolf Tribe

The nomadic Wolf Tribe has little need for a leader, because as a pack they all think similarly.[33] However, they do choose one wolf to handle negotiations with "the others"[33] they come in contact with.[33]

The wolves are destructive[12][6][34] and several of their members are known for loving to inflict pain.[35][36]

Like all other Chima inhabitants, their vehicles resemble their patron animal. The wolves' are coloured in greys, black, and dark red.[12]

  • Worriz: The Wolves' backstabbing, but charming, negotiator.[33]
  • Wakz: One of the oldest and most cunning Wolves.[37]
  • Wilhurt: A wolf similar in personality to Worriz, but has no patience.[35]
  • Winzar: A violent and Scarred member of the Wolf Pack.[36]
  • Wonald: A Cub of the tribe. Not much is known about him, except that he is a vegetarian and loves to eat healthy food, making himself a loner in his Tribe.
  • Windra: The Mechanic of the Wolf Tribe.

Also, every one hundred years there is a Hundred Year Moon, when it glows purple. This makes the wolves get out of control and go on rampages throughout Chima.

Raven Tribe

Ravens screenshot

A gathering of Raven Tribe members

The Raven Tribe is a group of thieves[38] all attracted to shiny objects.

Their vehicles are often gliders coloured black, dark red, and purple.

  • Rawzom: The Ravens Tribe's "Leader".[39]
  • Razar: A Selfish and Greedy Raven allied with Cragger because He sees it as more profitable than siding with the Lions.[40]
  • Rizzo: A Raven scavenger without any dignity, and He is proud of it.[41]
  • Razcal: An accomplished Pilot, and the accountant of the Raven Tribe.[38]
  • Ripnik: The Master Thief of the Raven Tribe.

Gorilla Tribe

Chima Gorillas

Four gorillas in a forest

Little is known about the Gorilla Tribe, except that they side with the lions and eagles.

  • Gorzan: A close friend of Laval
  • G'Loona: Is an orphaned Gorilla Girl who looks-up to Gorzan
  • Grumlo: The Elder and Leader of the Gorilla's Meditation.
  • Grizzam: A mysterious Gorilla who is almost never seen...
  • Gompsy: One of the Main Soldiers of the Gorillas.

The Gorillas pilot giant Mechs which probably only they know how to use. Gorzan's best explanation is to meditate and to become one with the machine, but it doesn't help at all.

Bear Tribe

  • Bladvic: The Leader of the Bear Tribe.
  • Balkar: The Elder of the Bears.
  • Bungey: A Member of the Bear Tribe.
  • Buchuma: A Member of the Bear Tribe.
  • Bumpy: A Member of the Bear Tribe.
  • Bozy: A member of the Bear Tribe.

The Bears are very sleepy and can sleep under any circumstances, like in the middle of the Speedor Tournament.

Rhino Tribe

  • Rogon: The Leader of the Rhinos.
  • Runk: A Member of the Rhino Tribe.
  • Rukus: A Member of the Rhino Tribe.
  • Rhigor: The Elder of the Rhinos.
  • Rinona: Rogon's Sister, who unlike other Rhinos is very intelligent.

The Rhinos work in a quarry where the Rhino Tribe smash up boulders. Most of them also lack intelligence as they don't know that the world is made of rocks, and they think that rocks can make them rich.

Beaver Tribe

  • Bevar: The Leader and Foreman of the Beavers.
  • Buber: A Member of the Beaver Tribe.
  • Bunic: A Member of the Beaver Tribe.

They are very strange as the thought of having a vacation from work is horrible to them. The Beavers are probably the smallest citizens of Chima. They don't fight for the Lions or the Crocs, yet are happy to fix something or build something for both factions.

Scorpion Tribe

  • Scorm: The Scorpion King.
  • Scutter: The Six Legged Soldier of the Scorpion Tribe.
  • Scolder: The General of the Scorpions.

Spider Tribe

  • Spinlyn: The Queen of the Spiders, who's obsessed with her beauty.
  • Sparacon: The Main Soldier of the Spiders.
  • Sparratus: A Soldier of the Spider Tribe.

Bat Tribe

  • Braptor: The Leader of the Bats.
  • Blista: A warrior of the Bat Tribe.

Saber-Tooth Tiger Tribe

  • Sir Fangar: Leader of the Hunters who is very temperamental.
  • Stealthor: The Spy of the Saber-Tooth Tiger Tribe.
  • Strainor: The unfortunate soldier who must leash Splanky.
  • Splanky: The Wild and Doglike member of the Saber-Tooth Tigers.

Mammoth Tribe

  • Maula: The Queen of the Mammoths.
  • Mungus: The Strongman of the Mammoth Tribe, and Maula's Favorite Son.
  • Mottrot: A Soldier of the Mammoth Tribe, who competes with Mungus to be his mother's favorite.

Vulture Tribe

  • Vardy: The Leader of the Vultures, who, unlike Sir Fangar, is known to be very patient.
  • Vornon: Best friend of VoomVoom, who expects the worst of everything.
  • VoomVoom: Best friend of Vornon, who unlike the latter is very positive, and enjoys having fun.

Phoenix Tribe

  • Fluminox: The Wise Leader of the Phoenix, who is usually very serious.
  • Foltrax: The Pilot of the Blazing Bastion.
  • Firox: The Co-Pilot of the Blazing Bastion.
  • Flinx: Fluminox's Son who, though thousands of years old, still hasn't matured, much to his father's disgrace.

Tiger Tribe

  • Tormak: The only officially known member of the Tiger Tribe, is the adoptive father of Li'ella and is very protective of her.

Leopard Tribe

  • Lundor: The only member of the Leopard Tribe known so far, is a Historian for the Phoenix.

Polar Bear Tribe


Lion Temple

Chima Lion castle

The Lion Temple

The Lion Temple is where the Lion Tribe lives. It is next to a Mountain and near a Jungle. Mount Cavora floats above it.

The Lion Temple is the location of many events in Chima, such as the monthly giving out the Chi to the tribes of Chima and Speedor tournament for the Golden Chi.

Falling Jungle

The Falling Jungle is a Jungle where logs, sticks, and many other wood items fall from above. It is unknown how they fall and how much falls.

Eagle Spire

Eagle Spire

Eagle Spire

Not much is known about the Eagle Spire. It is a location in LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey.

Gorilla Forest

Not much is known about the Gorilla Forest. It is a location in LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey.

Rhino Quarry

The Rhino Quarry is where the rhinos work by extracting and breaking up rocks.

The Swamps

The Legends of Chima TV Show 1

The Swamps

The Crocodile Tribe lives in the Swamps of Chima.

Mount Cavora


Mount Cavora

Mount Cavora is a mountain that floats over Chima, just above the Lion Temple. It has the Lion, Gorilla, Eagle, and Crocodile heads carved into it. It was formed in a great storm where it rose from the heart of Chima, and mystical waterfalls of Chi began to flow.[42]

Raven's Junkyard

Wallpaper Vault Razar 1600X1200

Raven's Roost

The Raven's Junkyard is the area of Chima where the Raven Tribe Lives. It is a large junkyard in a desert. In the middle of the junkyard there is a large dead tree, in which the Ravens are settled. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Once a pristine, natural paradise, the Kingdom of CHIMA has become a battle ground for eight animal tribes. Best friends are now enemies. The animals fight for control of a natural resource called CHI, a powerful element that is both a source of life and potential destruction. Only a few brave heroes in CHIMA understand the true nature of CHI, and the possible downfall of CHIMA that will result from its misuse. Their stories, and the stories of those who seek to destroy them, are known as... THE LEGENDS OF CHIMA.

For a thousand years, animal tribes have ruled the land of CHIMA. Lions, crocodiles, eagles, wolves, gorillas, ravens, rhinos and bears lived in peace. They played and worked together, cooperated and prospered - until the outbreak of the CHIMA conflicts.

As the first species to drink from the Ancient Pool of CHI, the Lions had become its sworn protector. No one had ever challenged the Lions' custodianship of the Pool because the Lions had always been reliable and fair with the CHI. Animals throughout the Kingdom relied on the magical CHI orbs to energize their vehicles, gear, and themselves. The orbs were a power source that the Lions had always shared equally with everyone. Eventually, some of the animals got greedy. A young, rogue Crocodile prince named Cragger demanded that his tribe should receive a greater share of the powerful CHI orbs. But the Lions insisted, as they had for a thousand years, that giving too much CHI to any one tribe would upset the natural balance of CHIMA. The Lions only wanted to be fair, and to protect the entire Kingdom. But the Crocodiles didn’t see it this way. A series of minor skirmishes over the Crocodiles’ share of the CHI led to bigger battles.

When the Crocodile Prince Cragger accused the Lions of getting rid of his parents and he became Crocodile King, full-scale conflict broke out between the Crocodiles and the Lions. As conflict spreads, the fate of the Kingdom of CHIMA hangs in the balance…

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