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Required sets:

4526 Batman
4527 The Joker
4528 Green Lantern

Year introduced:



Super Heroes

Lantern is a Super Heroes combiner model that can be built out of the pieces of all three of the DC Universe Ultrabuild sets: 4526 Batman, 4527 The Joker, and 4528 Green Lantern. According to the magazine, it is a larger version of The Joker. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

The Joker has used a strange invention to combine the forms of Batman, Green Lantern into himself to create bizarre and powerful new beings. Will these creations be heroes or villains? Combine all three models to make your own action figure!

Get the building instructions for this LEGO Club exclusive model at, clubcode LANTERN.


  • It was featured in the January 2012 LEGO Club magazine. Instructions can be accessed by entering the clubcode 'LANTERN' on


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