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That should teach'm a lesson!

Laval is a Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2013. As the theme's main protagonist and a member of the Lion Tribe. Laval appears in Sets, Speedorz, and Constraction sets. Aside from Legends of Chima: The Animated Series which chronicles his adventures, Laval also appears in his own video game, entitled LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey.


Laval dons a sleeveless, blue tunic. He wears a golden harness over his chest with a blue CHI orb in the center. Over his waist is a blue belt fastened by a buckle with a lion head. He wears a kilt on his legs which extends about halfway downwards.

A piece of golden armour which covers much of his chest and points over the shoulders is placed below his neck. A shallow part with a stud holds a transparent light blue disk-plate to represent a CHI orb. Over the armour a blue cape is placed and, because of the armour's shoulder blades, rises and expands at a higher area than usual, but also does not end up reaching as low.

Laval Fig

Laval from the side

His skin is tan in colour, with white hands and feet which are also detailed with black claws.

Laval's head uses an extension piece with a cat-like head fitted over a standard mini-figure one. The extension features an extended snout with the muzzle coloured white and nose black. An open-mouthed smirk is printed under the nose. Laval's golden, cat-eyes which are surrounded by white show through holes in the head. Around Laval's face is a crown which spikes up in the top. It separates the rest of his head from a spiky, dark red mane pointed backwards.


Laval cragger

Laval and his best friend, Cragger

Laval was the son of Lagravis and a prince of the Lion Tribe (and the nephew of Lavertus though Laval didn't meet him until later in his life). He is friends with other tribe members high up in the class system including Eris, Gorzan, Worriz, Skinnet, Rhogon, but above all, Cragger, who is his best friend.

When Cragger discovered the effects of Chi, a rift formed in his and Laval's relationship, to the point where the Lion and Crocodile tribes came to battle. In the climax, the Earth split apart and Cragger's parents, Crominus and Crunket fell beneath. Though they survived, they were presumed dead.

As the new king of the Crocodiles, Cragger was depressed about his parents death, but did not blame the lions. However, he was hypnotized by his sister, Crooler, into declaring full-out war against the Lions. However, Laval and the other lions were unaware of this true reasons behind Cragger's actions, believing that he performed them intentionally.

Laval TV Show

Laval as he is about to place an orb of Chi in his chest harness

At Laval's coming of age ceremony where he was to place CHI in his chest for the first time, the Lion CHI Temple where the Lions made their home was attacked by the Crocodiles and their allies, the Wolves and Ravens.

Laval chased after their new leader on a Speedor and dueled with him, stopping when he realized it was Cragger. After many battles won for Laval, he shows him mercy, but Cragger throws Laval into the nearby water. Laval began to drown, but was rescued by a Lion Legend Beast, animals of great power who never drank CHI and left Chima long ago.

Laval using Chi

Laval as he is powered by Chi

Laval rode the beast back to the battle, which the Eagles and Gorillas had now joined, on the side of the Lions. Nonetheless, the lions were losing horribly, and when Cragger comes to his senses, Crooler hypnotizes him again. The Beast roared and the fighting stopped as all present bowed down to it, except for Cragger. He plugged an orb of CHI into his chest and charged at the beast, only to be swatted away. Using the orb of CHI that Cragger dropped, Laval was able to defeat the Crocodile King and forced his troops to retreat. He still wants to help Cragger.

Laval is skilled in both Speedorz tournaments and is expected to be a warrior on the battlefield, but he is immature and would rather play.[1] Razar describes him as a "goody two-paws."[2]

Unlike the other characters, who use powerful, large vehicles for transportation, Laval only uses his Speedor, even during wars.

He had a fear of water and swimming due to being a cat. He got over this fear when he remeber Cragger's advice about friendship "Friendship only pulls you down when you fight it, it won't when you let it float you where you want to go". Laval swims and rescues the Lion Legend and helps the Lion Legend overcome his fear of water. Descriptions

2013 This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (see the source of this quote)


Laval is the headstrong prince of the Lion Tribe who still has a lot to learn about what it means to be a leader. Duty doesn’t always take priority over having a good time. But what’s the harm in pulling a little prank every so often? Like a lot of kids, he has an insatiable curiosity and a relentless flair for challenging the rules. This can be a problem since the Lions are all about following and enforcing rules. Can Laval figure this out and become the great warrior and leader his tribe expects of him?

2014 This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (see the source of this quote)


The prince of the Lion tribe, Laval was once very headstrong and more interested in having a good time than anything else. But the battles over CHI have helped him to grow up a little bit. While he still loves nothing more than a new adventure or a chance to have fun, he also understands more about the duties and responsibilities of a prince. He showed that by his willingness to put the past aside and ally with Cragger against a common threat. As the leader of a new, united team of heroes, the fate of Chima rests on his shoulders.


  • The September-October issue of LEGO Club Magazine included a Laval sticker.
  • He is the only lion to have red mane.
  • In the show he has a sword that on top has silver and on the handle gold, this sword is not included in any set.
  • Laval is similar to Lion-o from Thundercats.
  • It was revealed Laval would have an interest in Li'ella.
  • Laval receives a new "mask" piece for the Summer 2014 Sets.
  • He and Cragger appear the most in the theme.


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