"I would not order a charge that I did not lead myself. Swords up, shields ready…and to battle!"
―Lead General

The Lead General is a minifigure from the Castle (2007) theme.


The Lead General has light grey legs with dark hips. His torso is unprinted and, along with his arms, is light grey, while the hands are dark grey. The lead general wears a light grey breastplate with a gold crown at its center and several lines of rivets. A black strip runs across his midsection. The Lead General has a face identical to Rascus', a knight from Knight's Kingdom II. The helmet of the Lead General is light grey and has a silver visor that can hinge up and down. The visor has two eye holes and sticks out in a point in front of his face.


The Lead General is the Crown King's army leader. He is featured in many Castle (2007) sets, and is usually seen with a lance and shield and riding a horse.