"Hello! Do you like lederhosen?"
―Lederhosen Guy

The Lederhosen Guy is a Minifigures minifigure released in 2012.

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“Hello! Do you like lederhosen?”

The Lederhosen Guy is extremely proud of his fine leather breeches. In fact, there’s probably no one else around who’s quite so fond of lederhosen. That’s how you become known as the Lederhosen Guy, instead of just some guy who happens to wear lederhosen!

The Lederhosen Guy really is a giant fan of lederhosen. He goes to lederhosen conventions, subscribes to lederhosen magazines, and even writes a lederhosen blog. He also enjoys attending cultural festivals with his friends the Highland Battler and the Bagpiper. They may not share his love of lederhosen, but at least they agree that it’s nice to feel the breeze on their knees!

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