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The Library Ghost, also known as Eleanor Twitty, is a Ghostbusters character appearing in 75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters.


The Library Ghost is primarily purple. She uses light lavender for her face and hands, and a darker shade for her outfit. Her top is slightly wrinkled and has a frilled collar. Her legs dissolve into a wispy trail. Due to her transformation in the film, she has two forms. While calm, she uses Ma Cop's hairpiece and has a stern expression. When angered, she uses the Banshee's hair in white and has an alternate face, showing a monstrous roar with a mouth full of misshapen teeth.


Eleanor Twiity was the former Head Librarian of the New York Public Library. As a ghost she resided in the library, guarding her former books. When the Ghostbusters came to capture her, Winston Zeddemore found some old newspaper clippings that revealed that Eleanor was seduced by a man named Edmund Hoover (also known as The Collector), who was a rather unscrupulous rare book collector. She was unaware that "The Collector" was just using her in order to get to the rare books in her care, including the Gozerian Codex. When she discovered her fiancee's true motives, she broke off the relationship and engagement. Sadly, dumping him all but sealed her fate and he murdered her in cold blood, in a secret section of the Library constructed by Gozer's infamous worshiper and architect, Ivo Shandor. Eleanor was the fifth woman to go missing under mysterious circumstances in 1924. She chased the Ghostbusters around before she suddenly disappeared, then reappearing to open a portal to an alternate dimension after she was defeated in a battle with the Ghostbusters.



  • She reuses the Banshee's hairpiece and leg piece.


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