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Linking Leroy Visits LEGOLAND
Linking Leroy Visits LEGOLAND



2D Platformer


Single player


Commodore 64

Linking Leroy Visits LEGOLAND is an unreleased video game for Commodore 64 developed by Fairlight. The game is a 2D platformer, with two levels, one based on Town and the other Classic Space. Work on the game started in 1991, and a preview was released in 1992 as part of Fairlight's "LEGOLAND 2" demo. The game came between scenes of the demo, linking them together, leading to the game's name. Fairlight's connections with LEGO were later broken, and while the game's developers initially planned on removing the LEGO graphics and finishing it, the project was eventually abandoned.

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  • If completed, Linking Leroy Visits LEGOLAND would have been the first LEGO video game to be officially published, preceding LEGO Island.

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