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Lisa Simpson

The Simpsons


Snowball II


2014, 2015


Lisa Marie Simpson is a minifigure released in 2014 as a part of The Simpsons theme.


Lisa's regular variant has new moulded head. She has a red torso printed to look like her dress has a white necklace. She has yellow arms and short legs printed with red and yellow and a red skirt.

Her Minifigures variant is very similar to her normal variant, but she has different eye printing.


Lisa is a smart, saxophone playing girl genius whose siblings are Bart and Maggie. She's a very smart, liberal who's a vegetarian and a Buddhist. She cares about animals and is against pollution. She's often unhappy when Bart or Homer ruin things for her.


Movie Appearances

  • Brick like Me

Video Game Appearances


  • She and Bart Simpson are the first minifigures to have short legs molded in two colors.
  • Her saxophone is similar to the Saxophone Player's saxophone but only his saxophone's tip is black, whilst Lisa's is gold.

Gallery of Variants

Lisa Simpson
RegularMinifiguresSunday Best



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