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Lieutenant de Martinet
Imperial Soldier - Officer

Imperial Soldiers




Lieutenant de Martinet is an Imperial Soldiers' minifigure from Pirates that is featured in almost every Imperial Soldiers set with the exception of the 6274 Caribbean Clipper.


Lt. de Martinet was first seen in 1989 with 6276 Eldorado Fortress, and he was a character in the "Golden Medallion" comic book that was also released that year.

In almost every set, he is featured in his classic blue uniform with gold epaulettes and a tricorne hat. The only exception being in 6245 Harbor Sentry, where he has a black bicorne hat without admiral pattern (rosette) similar to Captain Redbeard, with the exception of the skull and crossbones printing. Additionally, his face is similar to that of Captain Redbeard with a red beard and mustache, but without an eye-patch to the latter.


The Lieutenant is the second in command of the Imperial Soldiers under Governor Broadside. He is characterised as being a capable leader, and often led the charge into battle against the Pirates. A similar minifig is portrayed in 6277 Imperial Trading Post (1992) as a merchant of the Imperial Armada.



Imperial Soldier - Officer
Imperial Soldier - Harbor Sentry
Lt. de MartinetLt. de Martinet
in Harbor Sentry

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