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41055 Lucifer

Disney Princess





Lucifer is a cat character from the Disney Princess theme in 2014. So far he is exclusive to 41055 Cinderella's Romantic Castle set.


Lucifer reuses the cat single-stud mould introduced for the Friends theme. It features Lucifer standing up with bent back, elevated head looking straight ahead and long tail lying flat curled around the left side of his body. He has black fur with patches of white on his chest, face, front paws, inside its ears and at the end of the tail. He has green eyes and a mild expression on his mouth. Some accessories, like a bow, can be attached to a little hole on the top of his head.


In the Disney version of the Cinderella's fairy tale, filmed in the animated movie from 1950, Lucifer was a tomcat owned by Cinderella's stepmother. The malicious creature was known for mischief, like hunting the mice befriended with Cinderella, provoking her dog called Bruno and ruining her cleaning by leaving sooty paw prints all over a freshly polished floor.


  • The minifigure used for Lucifer doesn't quite match his fierce appearance and cruel nature presented in the film.
  • Knowing Lucifer's character and his dislike towards Cinderella, it is surprising that he became an inhabitant of the Prince Charming's castle, but according to the LEGO 41055 set description, he has his bed and bowl outside the main building along with Bruno. The description also claims that the set depicts the famous ball scene, in which Lucifer and Bruno didn't take part.


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