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Macy Halbert

Nexo Knights


Regular Ultimate




Macy Halbert is a Nexo Knights minifigure released in 2016.



Macy, unlike the other Knights, uses a regular helmet and has a newly-molded shoulder armor that depicts her trademark dragon crest on his torso. Her suit's torso and legs have gray colour with red desings, while her arms are silver and his hips and hands have also red colour.


Her ultimate form has the same armor and helmet, but in transparent red. The desing of his torso and legs is the same than in his regular form with red and dark red remplasing the grey and silver colours.


Macy is one of the Nexo Knights. In the TV series, she is also the princess of the land, often struggling with her father with her duties. Descriptions This is a quote taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Strengh: 7/10
Funny: 3/10
Chivalry: 9/10
Coolness: 8/10

Description Princess with a punch
Weapon Power mace
Vehicles Thunder Mace
Skills Independence, dedication, Knighting
Dislikes Being a pretty, little princess
Likes Being a knight, the comic book “Ned Knightly, man of armor!”

Macy is very dedicated to being a knight. She wants to protect Knighton and she wants to prove to her father that she is a great fighter. She is mad that he won’t recognize her and she takes it out on every monster she can swing her power mace at. She loves going into battle with her friends, which always makes her father very nervous. Oh, did I mention her father is King Halbert and Macy is also a princess of the realm?

Gallery of variants

Macy Ultimate
Macy HalbertUltimate Macy2017 armourBattle Suit



  • Her name is a pun on "mace", a medieval weapon.
  • Her character seems to bear some resemblance to Princess Storm from Knights' Kingdom.
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