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"They're so cute when they're DUPLO"
Homer, referring to Maggie in Brick Like Me.
Maggie Simpson

The Simpsons


Teddy Bear




Margaret Simpson is a minifigure that was released in 2014 as a part of The Simpsons theme.


She has a moulded head. She wears a light blue gown, a light blue bow, and a red pacifier.


Being the youngest child of Homer and Marge Simpson, Maggie Simpson has been shown to be smart for her young age.


  • The bear she holds in the Minifigures variant is Bobo, Mr. Burns's old bear from the episode "Rosebud".
  • She is the only minifigure from Collectible Minifigures to have only three parts.
  • She is the only minifigure to be made up of 2 parts.


Video Game Appearances

Gallery of Variants

Maggie Simpson
Maggie and Rosebud


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