Marjorie Mouse is a Fabuland Figure released in 1982. She is seen in one set, and one Key Chain. This is the first version of Marjorie; in the second she wears an apron.


1982 Variation

Marjorie Mouse has a white mouse head, with white teeth, grey nose with black whiskers, huge ears and a bit of hair, her eyes are black with two white pupils and black eyelashes. She has a yellow torso with white arms and white legs.

1986 Variation

Her second variation is the same, besides that her eyes are white with black pupils, and she wears a white and red apron.


Marjorie works at a Shop, she is friends with Henry Horse, and she also likes metal detecting as displayed in 3704 Marjorie Mouse.


  • She is one of two mice, with the other being Morty Mouse.