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This minifigure has only appeared in video game(s)
Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form, or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

Mega Hurtz is a LEGO robot Minifigure who appeared as a character in the 2000 video game LEGO Stunt Rally.

Mega-Hurtz appears as a non-playable opponent to the player, and is also the first opponent the player faces in the "Championship" mode, therefore also generally associated as the easiest CPU racer.


  • His name is a reference to Hertz, a unit of measurement for electronic frequencies.
  • He is similar to a Bricksterbot from Lego Island 2
  • His arms appear rather unorthodox at first glance but they actually suit him considering they are made up of a pair of Space Robot Arm pieces.
    • This configuration can be done with older minifigure torso molds by sliding a rod through the arm holes as there was a gap in the inner dividing wall and connecting the clip arms to the rod. This is no linger possible with current minifigure torsos.