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Miasto Przygód is a Polish City book released in Polish in 2011. It contains a skateboarder minifigure. It was published by Ameet.

Publisher's description

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Meet the inhabitants of LEGO® City and find out how exciting this city can be.

Number One Latecomer is a great sleepyhead and a talented sprinter who is always late. One morning while chasing a bus he ran into a delivery man carrying a huge box. Lots of skateboards fell out of it. Will Latecomer make use of this awesome means of transport?

In another part of the city, Philip, a pizza delivery man, has just finished delivering his orders. He decided to take a nap, however, after a short while he was awakened by a strange noise. Soon very special guests arrived at the pizzeria and petrified Philip ran away... Who were these unusual pizza lovers?

The LEGO City book, apart from funny stories, offers lots of tasks and puzzles. It also includes a poster and a buildable LEGO City minifigure.


  • It was also released in English.
  • ISBN 10:
    • 8325309275
  • ISBN 13:
    • 978-8325309275
  • EAN:
    • 9788325309275

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