Ultimate Spider Man (Miles Morales)
Miles Morales

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Miles Morales is a variant of Spider Man from the Ultimate Spider-Man comics series from 2011. His costume is similar to Peter Parker's in design, but varies drastically in color. This minifigure was released in 2015.


Miles Morales was the nephew of the villain Prowler, who stole the recreated formula for Spider Man's powers and accidentally stole one of the spiders that had given Parker his powers too. This spider bit Morales when he was visiting his uncle, and gave him Spider-Man's powers.

While originally dreading the idea of becoming a superhero, he is later inspired by the story of Peter Parker and his death at the hands of Green Goblin. He was apprehended by S.H.I.E.L.D. for pretending to be Spider-Man, but after helping re-capture Electro, they gave him a new black and red suit and gave him permission to fight crime as the new Spider-Man. He now fights crime as the masked "Kid Arachnid".



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