"Aw, great. Now they come in fun-size!"
Jay Walker's initial response to Min-Droid

Min-Droid is a Nindroid minifigure released in 2014.


The Min-Droid, which was given his nickname by General Cryptor, is a short Nindroid Warrior. He is quick to anger and very energetic, but also sensitive about his appearance. He is short because he was the last Nindroid in his batch off the factory line. By the time he was built, the machines had nearly run out of metal. Rather than wasting the material, they produced a smaller Nindroid.

He first appeared in Art of the Silent Fist. He guarded the power station with General Cryptor and other Nindroids. He attacked ninjas who were trying to shut off the power. He tried to kick Kai with his leg, but when he got out of his way, Min-droid kicked the power generator, broke it's glass and entered in generator. He destroyed it, and it exploded, causing electromagnetic wave to spread over Ninjago and shut of the power in the whole land.

He was brought back in Codename: Arcturus. He fought Kai while he was on a gas tank, and his small size allowed him to avert being hit by a tunnel, while two other Nindroids weren't so lucky. He was seemingly destroyed in a huge explosion which happened after that.

Min-Droid survived, though, as he re-appears in The Void as part of the Nindroid crew seeking for the Golden Weapons. When the Ninjas are found, General Cryptor sends some Nindroids to deal with them, including Min-Droid. While most of these Nindroids are thrown to space upon defeat, Min-Droid manages to grab a cable to not get dragged into space, but gets another ambiguous destruction scene when an engine ignites in front of him.

Somehow, Min-Droid survived for a final appearance in The Titanium Ninja. When Nya faces General Cryptor, she tricks him into belittling Min-Droid again. This turns out to be the last straw for Min-Droid, who attacks Cryptor just as Nya planned. Both Cryptor and Min-Droid are finally destroyed in mid-fight when Zane freezes New Ninjago City in his fight against the Overlord and both Nindroids shatter. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

“Min-Droid” is a nickname given by General Cryptor to a small version of a Nindroid.
Cryptor jokes that the manufacturing process must have run short of metal, which would explain Min-Droid’s size.
Min-Droid is different from standard Nindroids in ways besides his height – for example, he is very sensitive about his appearance and quick to anger when insulted.
Although miniature, Min-Droid is still dangerous.
The ninja would be smart not to underestimate this robot.



  • If you look very closly at the end of the first episode of season 3, The Surge, you can see Min-Droid at the end of the manufacturing line, making Cryptor's joke a reality.
  • Despite the fact that he has a Nindroid Warrior's mask, he has a Nindroid Drone's torso.
  • This type of Nindroid appears in only one set


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