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The name of this set is conjectural.
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MineCon 2013 Steve
MineCon Steve



Free (Promotional)


November 2, 2013



MineCon 2013 Steve is a promotional set released under the Minecraft theme that was available on November 1 - 2, 2013.


The set is a representation of Steve, the player's default skin/avatar. Steve has a brown 1x2 plate for hair, and his face printed on a 1x2 tan brick. His T-shirt is dark blue, his pants are brown and his shoes are dark grey. In the game, Steve has a light blue T-shirt and dark blue pants. Steve also have movable arms, the sleeves on which are dark blue, as the shirt, and the arms themselves are tan. He stands on a small white baseplate which has "Minecon - Orlando, Florida - Nov. 2-3 2013" printed on it. It is the same piece as the ones used in the Star Wars planet series, for the sets' information.


  • This set was given out to attendees at MineCon 2013.

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