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You may be looking for Mining, a subtheme of City.

Mining is an online game from


While the game loads, there is a mini-game similar to those in Team Up and Forest Fire, where players control a Miner in a Mine Cart and steer him from left to right, collecting gold LEGO crystals, and avoiding rocks.

In the game, players control a Mine Cart and guide it through train tracks, tapping the spacebar to jump and tapping it twice to double jump.
Mining Game 2


The objective is to survive by avoiding roadblocks and keeping your health as high as possible and to capture as many Robbers and Gold Crystals as you can before losing all of your health. The Mine Cart must avoid obstacles like barricades and Bears that take one health point away.


Green Shield Health Restore Restores One Health Point.
Blue Drill Invincibility A Drill appears on the front of the Mine Cart, destroying all Roadblocks in the way.
Gold Boost Boost Gives you a small Boost and makes your Wheels catch on fire. It also temporarily turns certain other power-ups and obstacles into Gold Crystals.
Dynamite Boost Shoots you Upward.
Flame Ring Boost Gives you a small Boost and makes your Wheels catch on fire.

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