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Mission: Von Nebula
Mission Von Nebula Main Screen

Hero Factory



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Mission: Von Nebula is, along with Ordeal of Fire, Savage Planet and Breakout, one of the four largest Hero Factory online games. In the game, you use a hero made in the Hero Creator to beat missions and gain items. After creating a hero, you choose its name and whether it's a fighter, gunner, or technician.


  • In between missions, you can buy items and power packs from Big Joe. You can also upgrade things once per level.
  • There's a floating robot named Quatal, a Call Center Operator named Lucy who gives a mission based on your level, and Professor Nathaniel Zib who is in charge of mission control- he gives you the storyline missions.


  • "Accept random missions from the Hero Factory Call Center to increase your Hero's experience and earn more credits."
  • "Hold down SHIFT key to attack an enemy without moving foward."
  • "Improve your Hero's abilities in the Hero Management area of Mission Control when you upgrade after leveling up."
  • "Make sure to stock up on plenty of Health Boosts!"
  • "Press Q, W, E, R to use your special attacks."
  • "Purchase module upgrades in the Hero Factory Management area of Mission Control to improve your Hero."
  • "The Fighter class gets up close and personal to battle enemies."
  • "The Gunner class is great for attacking enemies at a distance."
  • "The Technican class uses several gadgets to battle enemies."
  • "Use your EMP boost to stun a enemy during a mission to do more damage."
  • "Watch out for the healer bots. They heal nearby enemies."


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