Mission 3: Infearno Interception Is the third mission of the Ultra Agents App.


Comic part 1. 

In the Uptown your agent was patrolling, when suddenly Infearno appeared and started to destroying the city in his hoverboard. The agent changed their vehicles in flight mode to stop the villain before he reach the hyperfuel tanker. Then your agent was hit by infearno's fireballs but Agent blaze extinguished the fire remotely.

Game: Fireball Feud

Chase Infearno avoiding his fireballs before he reach the hyperfuel tanker.

Comic part 2

Your Agent was abble to stop Infearno destroying his hoverboard. Then Infearno crashed in the streets and scape in a fire truck.





Agent's Vehicles

Villain's Vehicles 

  • Infearno's hoverboard

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