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1987 - 1994

Related themes

Futuron / Unitron
Service Packs

The Monorail-system is a special type of 9V powered transport shuttle running on special rails with just one lane.


The train is propelled by a special motor module with gear drive in the center section between two end cars - while one car transports the 9V battery box. It was controlled by a dial switch on a special rail of each station - with possibility to start/stop or change direction.

The special about the rails - beside the gear tracked lane - was the driving on different height levels.

However, to date there have been only three main monorail sets released, between 1987 and 1994. They appeared in different Space-Themes like Futuron and Unitron as well as in the Town theme.

Sets with Monorail

Service Packs for Monorail

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