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DUPLO Mosaic

Mosaic is a subtheme of LEGO Sculptures. It was ended in 2003. A similar theme, which was a subtheme of Creator was released in 2007.


Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
3443 LEGO Mosaic 3443  LEGO Mosaic  1993       2000 
6162 Building Fun with LEGO Mosaic 6162  Building Fun with LEGO Mosaic  286     $9.99  2007 
6163 A World of LEGO Mosaic 6163  A World of LEGO Mosaic  598     $19.99  2007 
Cmoz7 K34431  LEGO Mosaic Cat  2127       2003 
Dinomoz K34432  LEGO Mosaic Dino  2847       2003 
Jonthunmos K34433  LEGO Mosaic Johnny Thunder  2127       2003 
Tig,tig K34434  LEGO Mosaic Tiger  2217       2003 

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