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Natalia Kowalski





Natalia Kowalski, later known as Natalia Smith, is Chase McCain's lover in the video game LEGO City Undercover. She is voiced by Jules De Jongh.


A couple years prior to the story that takes place in LEGO City Undercover on Wii U, Natalia provided evidence that helped catch Rex Fury. Unfortunately, Chase McCain revealed, by accident, Natalia’s identity live on national TV. This forced Natalia to enter witness protection, and Chase was transferred to Brick County because of this.

Rex later escaped from Albatross Prison and Chase returned to LEGO City to make sure Natalia is safe and to catch the fugitive. Natalia worked as a doctor in Mercy Hearts' Hospital at the time.


  • In LEGO City Undercover, Natalia is Chase McCain's love interest.
  • Upon entering witness protection, Natalia had to change her name to Natalia Smith, her job from reporter to paramedic, and dye her hair blonde.
  • It is possible that she has Polish origins, due to her surname.
  • Henrik Kowalski is her father.
  • Her dad said she was happier to be a paramedic than a reporter. However she is a bit dramatic on dyeing her hair and Chase McCain annoyed her by saying "So you weren't a blond before ."
  • Her disguise and herself are playable character.
  • Her mood improves in the Helicopter mission and all away to the end
  • Though her father had appeared in the game, her mother was never mentioned. Making a possibility that her parents are either divorced or her mother had died sometime before "The Chase Begins."
  • Even though she had to change her last name to 'Smith', many still refer to her as 'Natalia Kowalski' or 'Ms. Kowalski'
  • Her disguise is similar to Ninja (Minifigures)
  • Her voice actor Jules de Jongh appered on Thomas the tank engine with Chase McCain's voice actor Joseph May


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