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Nautica is a subtheme of Town introduced 1991. It comprised five harbor-related sets.

It was moderately successful, having more sets than Flight.

By contrast, Nautica, like Flight, started out with a bang. The Launch & Load Seaport was the biggest Town set ever, with 1022 pieces. It is one of a very few sets in the early 1990s with over 1000 pieces. The others are the 8880 Super Car, the 5590 Whirl N' Wheel Super Truck, the 5591 Mach II Red Bird Rig, the 5571 Giant Truck, and the 8480 Space Shuttle.

The two seaports featured in this theme were the only LEGO System sets involving harbors until the release of 7994 LEGO City Harbor in 2007.


Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
6353 Coastal Cutter 6353  Coastal Cutter  175  2     1991 
6540 Box 6540  Pier Police  327  4   $44.00  1991 
6541 Intercoastal Seaport 6541  Intercoastal Seaport  545  5   $63.75  1991 
6542 Launch & Load Seaport 6542  Launch & Load Seaport  1022  7     1991 
6679 Dark Shark 6679  Dark Shark  83  2   €15.99  1991 

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