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Nexo Knights: The Animated Series is a companion animated series to the Nexo Knights theme from LEGO.


For over one hundred years, the Kingdom of Knighton has lived in peace, ever since the noble wizard Merlok defeated the evil Monstrox and his army of monsters. Though the kingdom maintains an academy for the training of knights, its students -- including new graduates Clay Moorington, Princess Macy Halbert, Lance Richmond, Aaron Fox, and Axl -- have little reason to think that they will be called upon to defend the kingdom. That all changes when Jestro, the kingdom's lackluster royal jester, enters Merlok's library after a power outage disables security and meets the living Book of Monsters, which is in fact the transformed Monstrox. Tired of being mocked by the people of Knighton, Jestro is convinced to aid the Book of Monsters in his quest for vengeance.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

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