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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Ninjago: Flight of the Dragon Ninja

Ninjago: Flight of the Dragon Ninja

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Ninjago: Flight of the Dragon Ninja is a Ninjago mini movie that appears on


The Masters of Spinjitzu agree to a Spinjitzu Dragon race. After they start, Kai sneaks up on Zane and uses his dragon's fire breath to slow him down, but Zane uses his Dragon's breath to freeze him. Jay, Cole, Kai and Zane then enter the Forest of Tranquility. Jay tries to show off by doing tricks like flying low and avoiding trees, but he almost runs into one and uses a shuriken to swing to another tree and avoiding it. Then, Cole rams through one by using his dragon's hard skull. He then, "Activates the turbo boost" and puts a livered toad, the Earth Dragons favourite food, on a stick in front of his dragon so it will go faster. Then, after Cole wins Kai comments, "Nice run bro, but we'll get you tomorrow." "Tomorrow? But, we agreed that the winner would Dragon Master for a Month!" Zane then adds, "I do not recall agreeing to that."


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  • The Earth Dragon's referred to as Rocky.
  • This is the first Ninjago short not to include any skeletons.