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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
Masters of spinjitzu
Running time:

Pilot Episodes:
Episode 1/2: 30 min.
Episode 3/4: 20 min.
Season 1:
1-26 about 21 min.

First released/aired:

US: Jan. 14, 6:00 PM EST
Ger: Jan. 23, 1:15 PM March: 8:30



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is a TV series released in 2011. The first two episodes were aired in the US on Cartoon Network, in Germany on SuperRTL and in Finland on Nelonen. The show is about the popular LEGO theme, Ninjago. Four ninja- Kai, Zane, Cole, and Jay must defeat Lord Garmadon and the evil Skulkin army, with the help of Sensei Wu and Kai's sister Nya. The first season was split into two parts, Way of the Ninja and King of Shadows. When it was released on DVD it became four episodes (Way of the Ninja, The Golden Weapon, King of Shadows, and Weapons of Destiny). The theme song is "The Weekend Whip" by the band The Fold. The Fold has also done Born to be a Ninja and Ninja Go!. Season two had 13 episodes, and followed the ninjas' quest to stop the evil Serpentine. The third season continued with the ninja training the green ninja to defeat Lord Garmadon once and for all. Music and sounds are done by Jay Vincent and JAM Music and Effects.


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Pilot Episodes (4 episodes) of the show features an aging ninja master, Sensei Wu, struggling to train four young Ninja in the ways of an ancient battle art called Spinjitzu to defeat his evil brother Lord Garmadon, ruler of the underworld, and stop him from gaining The Four Golden Weapons, which would make his power limitless.

Season 1 (26 episodes) The first part focuses on Garmadon's young son Lloyd Garmadon, who has released an ancient evil: an army of snakes called the Serpentine. The four ninja must stop them from uniting to unleash The Great Devourer, a huge snake with the power to consume all of Ninjago and a bite that can turn people evil. Also, the Serpentine hold Lloyd as a hostage, and Lord Garmadon has agreed to aid the ninja in rescuing Lloyd and stopping the Serpentine. The second part features the Ninja training Lloyd to become the chosen one destined to defeat Lord Garmadon. Meanwhile, the Dark Lord forms an alliance with the Serpentine and, with the Golden Weapons in his possession, attempts to prevent his son from fulfilling his destiny. In the meantime, several forces of evil are unleashed such as ancient pirates of the Destiny's Bounty and the formidable "Stone Army", of which the Ninja must protect Ninjago from becoming plundered. The second part is planned to air in Asia before airing in America.

Season misconception

It is often said on Cartoon Network advertisements that the TV shows second season is the first and the third season is the second. This is probably because the original season one was consisted of four episodes and mini movies. However, the second and third season's are considered there original numbers on Xfinity TV guides.


Pilot Episodes

Season 1


Pilot Episodes

Season 1


Introduced in the Pilot Episodes



Introduced in Season 1




Pilot Episodes

  • In the sets, Kruncha has a monocle, a grey cloth and grey helmet. But, in the series he is lacking the monocle, and now wears a red cloth, a black helmet and has a cracked tooth.
  • The Floating Ruins appear to be Nunchucks of Lightning themselves. There are two round towers, (handle) and a chain linking them together. They even have lightning surrounding it.
  • In the episode "The Golden Weapon", Nuckal loses a tooth biting a donut-shaped rock. However, when he is seen later inside the Caves of Despair, all of his teeth can be seen in perfect condition.
  • In "King of Shadows", Chopov can be seen banging Cole's drum in one shot. But, soon after Samukai says "To the Fire Temple!", the drum has disappeared.
  • In "Secrets of the Blacksmith" before Jay does Spinjitzu, he is in his first ninja suit, not his DX suit. But in later versions of this movie, they corrected it.
  • In "The New Masters of Spinjitzu" Mini-Movie, when Kai gets awoken, he is in his Ninja Suit. But in earlier of the movie, he was in his pajamas.Once Kruncha says 'I don't think this is going to work,' Kai is back in his pajamas.
  • Strangely, Kai has chest hair when in his pajamas, but however, Jay, Cole, and Zane don't have chest hair.
  • Samukai mentions he "dirtied up" his pants in the series, and in the sets he has no butt and no abs . Samukai's minifigure could have been difficult for the LEGO Group to make him resemble his series form.

Season 1

  • In "Can Of Worms", when Kai says, "The Hypnobrai might screw the plan up," he had Zane's pink outfit.
  • In one version of the episode , the video game the ninja are playing is LEGO Battles: Ninjago. In another, they are playing a video game that is really an edited version of a scene from the first season episode, "The Golden Weapon".
  • Also, in Episode 1, "Rise of the Snakes", Zane whips but it is Cole's voice.
  • In "Home", Zane is in the refrigerator talking to Kai, but in another version, he left a note in the refrigerator. Also, Kai has different dialogue in the two different scenes.
  • Most of the Fangpyre vehicles are seen in the series, except the Fangpyre Mech.
  • The location within Ninjago city where the Serpentine group together seems to be a train station; there are 3 trains, a platform, tracks, a hall where the passengers depart and enter, etc.
  • In the episode "Never Trust a Snake ", Kruncha and Nuckal are seen tied up at Darkley's Boarding School For Bad Boys by Lloyd Garmadon and Pythor P. Chumsworth. Cole agrees to let them go if they leave Ninjago, "or else" although the two are seen three more times in the series.
  • Students at the boarding school wear a uniform similar to the ones worn by students from Harry Potter, and the uniforms also have a Skulkin symbol in the upper right.
  • When the Monastery was burned down, Zane said, The training equipment, gone!, then Jay said, All our video games, GONE! However, the training equipment and video games where later seen aboard Destiny's Bounty. Although, those could have been new ones (Note differences in the two versions).
  • In Episode 5, "Can of Worms", Snikes are seen in the acid bogs with the Venomari.
  • The game that Cole likes ("Sitar Legend") is a spoof of "Guitar Hero".
  • In the episode Tick Tock, Zane turns on his humor switch and starts singing an unusual song. The song he was singing could be identified as a real song from 1899.[1]
  • In the episode Tick Tock, when the ninjas shout "NINJAGO!" to attack the Treehorns, Kai, Jay, and Cole do not have their golden weapons but when they stop spinning all the ninjas have their golden weapons.
  • In "The Royal Blacksmiths", Kruncha and Nuckal are seen in the audience, even though in "Never trust a Snake" they are warned to stay out of Ninjago.
  • In Snakebit, when Jay says to Nya that he has to go on a long walk to his parent's junkyard, hinting that she can go alone with him, Kai says "Of course we'll go, buddy!" with Cole's voice, then Cole says, "I could use a break," with Kai's voice.
  • In Episode 8, "Once Bitten, Twice Shy", Nya is wearing her dating outfit. But when she is stuck on the roller coaster, she has her original outfit.
  • The song "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" was parodied in Episode 9, "The Royal Blacksmiths", with the parody's title being "My Poison Lies Over the Ocean", a song The Treble Makers sing.
  • When the Great Devourer is awakened, the ninja rush to Ed 'n Edna's Junkyard, where they find plans for a vehicle of massive size to make the Ultra Sonic Raider.
  • In "Once Bitten, Twice Shy", on the roller coaster Jay has on a suit. Then after he unlocks his full potential he has on his ZX suit.
  • In episode 13, half of Zane's face is destroyed by The Great Devourer, leaving his machinery visible. In a later scene, his face is back to normal, though missing an eyebrow. Later, his face's machinery is again visible.
  • Throughout the entire series Lloyd has short legs, while in the Green Ninja spinner (Lloyd ZX) he has normal legs.
  • In the episode "The Green Ninja" Pythor tells two Bytars and a Chokun to go underground and stop the ninja, but when they come out, there are 2 Chokuns and a Bytar instead of 2 Bytars and a Chokun.
  • In the episode "Once Bitten, Twice Shy", you can see the Falcon at the beginning of the episode standing at the table.
  • When the ninjas leave the room, the falcon is gone. However, he may have flown off, even though it never showed him.
  • In the episode "Royal Blacksmith" Cole states the Ninjago Talent Competition was organized by Clutch Powers.
  • Many times, Kai speaks with Cole's voice, and Cole sometimes speaks with Kai's voice.
  • In "All of Nothing", Sensei Wu says they will go to Torch Fire Mountain to destroy the fangblades forever, but in "The Green Ninja", the Fangpyre fangblade seems to be lava proof. Although, it is possible that Torch Fire Mountain is the only volcano hot enough to melt them, due to the fact the tour guide from "The Rise of the Great Devourer" says it the hottest place in Ninjago.
  • In "All of Nothing", The Serpentine's sanctum is said to be made from "Vengestone", a material revealed by Sensei Wu to weaken one's elemental powers.
  • In "The Green Ninja" when Sensei Wu returns he says "Jay, did you say the Falcon was programed?", but it was Zane who said it.
  • Ouroboros is named after an ancient snake symbol.
  • In Once Bitten, Twice Shy, the old man who tried to get in Jay's bathroom was seen in the ghost train being sprayed by Venomari.
  • In Tick Tock Sensei Wu said that the great devourer bit Lord Garmadon and made him evil. However, Sensei Wu was not turned evil when the Great Devourer ate him in Day of the Great Devourer. This is probably because the Devourer swallowed him whole.
  • In "Rise of the Snakes" when Kai puts the Dojo on fire, Sensei demands what they were thinking. Jay says 'We were trying to find out who the Green Ninja is.' He also says "Ow!" before Zane whacks him.
  • In Once Bitten, Twice Shy, Skales is seen with his old arms from when he was a warrior on the computer screen in Destiny's Bounty.
  • Starting in Once Bitten Twice Shy, the Serpentine start using weapons more often.
  • In the episode Darkness Shall Rise, Kai's ZX mask is missing the top piece in one scene.
  • In the end of Darkness Shall Rise, Sensei Wu say's "I feel a great disturbance in the force.", a quote from Star Wars.
  • In the episode NinjaBall Run, Kai's suit changes to his first variation in one scene.
  • In Child's Play, Lloyd's suit suddenly has ZX shoulder armor after he becomes older.
  • In "Child's Play", At the comic store, a kid can be seen wearing an alien clinger, another wearing the Robot from the line Minfigures and one wearing a classic red Space suit.
  • In the Ninja's apartment in "Darkness Shall Rise" there is a Royal Blacksmiths poster above the sink.
  • At the end of episode 4 the ninja get the bounty back



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