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2011 - 2013[1]

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Ninjago (subtitled "Masters of Spinjitzu") is a theme introduced in January 2011, and is rumored to end in 2013[2]. It uses elements from the previous Ninja series, but there are several noticeable changes from the previous series. These include the introduction of the Skeleton Army and the Serpentine. The theme also includes vehicles for the Skeletons, Ninja, and Serpentine. The theme is in a more modernistic Japan setting than the feudal Japan setting from the previous incarnation. One of the Ninjago's themes most unique elements is the battle game known as "Spinjitzu," of which each player attempts to knock the other player's minifigure off his/her spinner.


2011 Season 1

Long before time had a name, Ninjago was created by the first Spinjitzu master, by using the four weapons of Spinjitzu: The Scythe of Quakes, The Nunchucks of Lightning, the Shurikens of Ice, and the Sword of Fire. The weapons were so powerful, that no one could handle all of their power at once. When he passed away, his two sons swore to protect them, but the oldest was consumed by darkness, and wanted to possess them. A battle between the brothers broke out, and the oldest was struck down and banished to the underworld. Peace returned, and the younger brother hid the weapons, but knowing his older brother's relentless ambition for power, he placed a guardian to protect them, and for fear of his own demise, a map for an honest man to hide. That honest man was Kai's father. The older brother is Lord Garmadon, and Sensei Wu, who is the younger brother, must find the Weapons before Garmadon. Since Garmadon cannot leave the Underworld, he has struck a deal with Samukai and his skeleton army. In preparation, Sensei Wu has gathered four young ninjas, Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane, to learn the ways of Spinjitzu, and stop Lord Garmadon. After months of training, the four Ninja begin their quest to find the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu to vanquish Garmadon's evil plans, and travel to the Caves of Despair to retrieve the Scythe of Quakes. After narrowly escaping a dragon protecting the weapon, the Ninja find the Nunchucks of Lightning and the Shurikens of Ice next, while the threat of Samukai's skeletal legions follows their path. Soon, Kai is lured into a trap at the Fire Temple by Lord Garmadon, and the skeletons steal the three weapons, but Sensei Wu detains his brother's plan to unite the weapons at the temple by traveling to the Underworld with the last weapon, the Sword of Fire. After allying themselves with the four Ninjago Dragons, they journey to the Underworld to help Sensei and stop Garmadon once and for all. Using the Tornado of Creation, they destroy the skeletons and make their way to the throne room of Garmadon's Dark Fortress, where a battle between Wu and Samukai breaks out for the possession of the four weapons. Soon, Sensei is defeated, and Samukai, having possession of all four weapons, betrays Garmadon and demands he obey him. But he is shortly destroyed by all the weapon's power, as Garmadon planned, and creates a portal through space and time that he travels through to grow strong enough to possess the Golden Weapons. After returning to the Surface World, Sensei Wu knows Garmadon will one day return, and that the battle for Ninjago has only begun.

2012 Season 2

After the events of the original story, the four ninja retire from training and enjoy peace in the world of Ninjago; but everything soon changes. When Nya brings news of a new threat in the land, the son of the dark overlord Lord Garmadon, Lloyd Garmadon, unleashes the Serpentine tribes to wreak havoc in Ninjago. Now Kai, Cole, Zane and Jay must unlock their true potential, unlock the secrets of their Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu and train to face the five Serpentine tribes and stop them from unleashing The Great Devourer, a monstrous serpent-like reptile that will consume the entire land into darkness, along with the threat of Lord Garmadon's return looming in the horizon- who has a mysterious connection with the Serpentine.

2012 Season 2 continue or 3

With the threat of the Great Devourer extinguished and Pythor dead, Ninjago is returned to a state of peace and is free from the Serpentine's grasp. But with Garmadon's return still threatening the land, the ninja must train Lloyd in Spinjitzu and ready him for the epic duel with his father. Meanwhile, Lord Garmadon, in possession of the almighty Weapons of Spinjitzu turns the broken Destiny's Bounty into a home for the Serpentine called: The Black Bounty, then he unites the Golden Weapons together to form a "Super Weapon" to destroy his brother and the ninja once and for all, freeing the Serpentine from the Fangpyre tomb and allying himself with them as well.


The fighting style practiced by the characters of Ninjago is called Spinjitzu. This word was probably made from spin, and Jujitsu or Ninjitsu, two types of fighting styles used by actual ninjas. The fighters spin around and draw on their elemental strengths to become tornadoes of energy and steel. Several sets in the game include special spinner parts, customized for different characters. Players select their characters, the weapons the character will hold, and a small deck of ability cards to influence the duel. The characters are placed into the spinners and spun at each other like tops, with the goal being to knock the opponent's minifigure down.

The game has been expanded in 2012 to include snake spinners, a training set, Kendo and ZX Ninjas, and the inclusion of booster packs which are simply a minifigure, spinner accessories, and 3 weapons. The spinner packs are US $10-$20. The booster packs are US $5 and the sets are $ 14.99 - $ 120.00

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The Four Golden Weapons

The Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu are the secrets of victory over Lord Garmadon and his army of skeletons. There are four of them. The ninjas and skeletons are always on the search for these weapons. These weapons are the Nunchucks of Lightning, the Scythe of Quakes, the Shuriken of Ice, and the Dragon Sword of Fire. They can not contact each other or a explosion happens. There are other golden Weapons that were released it some spinners, which were not offical.

Ninja Variants

Normal ninjas are the first variation.

DX Ninja


Cole DX

DX (Dragon Extreme) is a special type (the second) of Ninjago ninja minifigure. These ninjas wear dragon clothing. The dragons on their suits are all breathing different kinds of elements (Cole, dragon breathing rock; Zane, dragon breathing ice; Jay, dragon breathing lightning; Kai, dragon breathing fire). The ninjas in their DX attire also have gold and red spinners. Ninjas become DX rank once they tame their respective dragon. Thus meaning it shows ranking among the ninjas. Strangely, though all DX ninjas are sold in a Spinner Battle Pack (except for Jay), no dragon was included.

Kendo Ninja


Kendo Zane

Kendo Ninjas are the third variation of the ninja. Kendo uniforms are the original ninja robes with new helmet pieces that are supposed to look like fencing helmets, and chest armour similar to the Samurai Warrior. In Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu TV series, the ninja use the Kendo armour for training, however in the sets, they are often seen in combat with the Serpentine.

ZX Ninja

Jay zx

Jay ZX

ZX (Zen Extreme) is another type (the fourth) of ninja. These ninjas have shoulder pads similar to the ones worn by Setam that also include a round piece (representing a scabbard) to put Katanas in, and a different ninja mask that has a gold or silver visor. Lloyd Garmadon will have a ZX variation to represent the Green Ninja. In the TV show shoulder pads are chrome gold and silver but in the set their colour is pearl gold and pearl silver.

NRG Ninja



NRG is another type of the ninja. (the fifth) It is basicly the ninjas in their true potential form. They will appear in summer 2012 spinners. NRG is likely a pun on the word "Energy". In NRG form, ninjas are made of pure energy of their element. The emblems depict the symbol in the top left corner with the element coming from it in a vertical line, a horizontal line and a diagonal line. They look similar to the DX form. The first episode NRG appeared in was "Tick Tock" and the first ninja to use it was Zane. In the episode "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" Jay unlocked his full potential. In the episode "The Royal Blacksmiths" Cole unlocked his full potential. And in the episode "The Green Ninja" Kai unlocked his full potential.


Each character is normally aligned to a particular elemental colour.


  • Sensei Wu (Gold) Weapons: Dragon Staff Strength: Power of Creation, Wisdom
  • Cole (Black) Weapons: Katana, Staff, Battle Hammer, The Scythe of Quakes, Trusty Axe, Golden Tri-Scythe, Golden-Bladed Saw Staff, Ninjago Sword Strength: Defense
  • Jay (Blue) Weapons: Katana, Staff, Golden Spear, Nunchucks of Lighting, Golden Double-Bladed Sword, Silver Serpent Striker, Dragon's Fire, Golden Spear Strength: Speed
  • Kai (Red) Weapons: Spear, Staff, Golden Katana, The Sword of Fire, Dark Axe, The Golden Point, Double-Bladed Dagger, Ninjago Sword Strength: Attack
  • Nya/Samurai X (Red) Weapons: Daggers (2), Staff, Spear of Fire, Butterfly Sword, Golden Katana Strength: Intuition
  • Zane (White) Weapons: Spear, Katana, Shurikens of Ice, Staff, Golden Start Hammer, Dark Axe Strength: Stealth
  • Lloyd Garmadon (Green) Weapons: Super Bolt, Gold Katana, Golden Thunder Bolt, Golden Snake, Binding Staff, Spear of Forked-Tongues, Lightning Bolt Dagger


  • Bonezai (White) Weapons: Mace, Bone Axe, Golden Pickaxe. Strength: Stealth
  • Chopov (Black) Weapons: Staff, Bone, Gold Machete. Strength: Defence
  • Frakjaw (Red) Weapons: Golden Mace, Troll Scimitar, Bone. Strength: Attack
  • Krazi (Blue) Weapons: Pickaxe, Golden Bone, Spiked Sword. Strength: Speed
  • Lord Garmadon (Purple) Weapons: Lightning, Dual Scythe, Deceit. Strength: Power of Destruction
  • Kruncha (Black) Weapons: Golden Dual Sided Axe, Bone, Spiked Chain
  • Wyplash (White) Weapons: Golden Dual Flail, Whip, Bone
  • Nuckal (Blue) Weapons: Troll Scimitar, Golden Double-Sided Bone Axe, spiked flail
  • Samukai (Red) Weapons: Curved Daggers (4), Scythe of Quakes, Shurikens of Ice, and Nunchucks of Lightning, Sword of Fire




  • Fangtom (Red) Weapons: Fangpyre Staff [1]
  • Fangdam (Red) Weapons: Shuriken, Fangpyre Staff, Fangpyre Viper, Golden Bi-Spear.
  • Fang-Suei (Red) Weapons: Constrictai Staff, Banana, Golden Viper, Dark Axe, Sly Viper
  • Snappa (Red and White) Weapons: Golden Spear, Silver Dark Blade, Scythe Blade


  • Skales (Navy) Weapons: Hypnobrai Staff [2], Anchor, Major Spear, Staff of Light, Hypno Viper
  • Slithraa (Navy) Weapons: Golden Spiked-Sword, Hypnobrai Staff
  • Mezmo (Blue)Weapons: Golden Toothed-Hatchet Twins (possible name)
  • Rattla (Silver) Weapons: Golden Machete, Staff of Control, Hypno Viper


  • Skalidor (Black/Orange) Weapons: Spear Axe, Constrictai Staff
  • Bytar (Black) Weapons: Constrictai fang blade
  • Chokun (Orange) Weapons: Golden Mace
  • Snike (Orange) Weapons: Mace


  • Acidicus (Green) Weapons: Hypnobrai Fang Blade, Venomari Staff
  • Lizaru (Green) Weapons: Golden Dual Sided Fang Axe (possible name)
  • Spitta (Green) Weapons: Spear (?), Scythe Blade, Transpurple viper, Golden Venom Hammer (possible name)
  • Lasha (Lime Green) Weapons: Gold Axe, Venomari Fang Blade, Chained-Fang of Poison, Toxic Viper


Video Game Only/Movie Only/Other

Minifigure Gallery


There are currently 26 sets, 23 spinners, and 3 booster packs. The sets vary from the price of US $5 and US $120. The spinners and boosters vary from US $5 to US $20. 8 more spinners, 4 more sets, and 4 more booster packs are coming out this spring final and beginning of the summer.

See: List of Ninjago sets


  • The theme in 2012 has 52 different characters, including variations.
  • The theme in 2011/12 has 33 different characters, not including variations.
  • There are 17 Serpentine and 8 Skulkin.
  • There are seven main heroes: Sensei Wu, Nya, Cole, Kai, Zane, Jay, and Lloyd.
  • There are currently 4 different variations of the four main ninja. These are DX, ZX, Kendo, and NRG
  • "Ninjago" can be pronounced "Ninja-go", or "Nin-JAH-Go".
  • Several modern elements are shown in the movie, Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu including telephone poles leading to the blacksmith shop, an electric toothbrush used by Kai, skyscrapers and satellite dishes shown in Jay's flashback and in Ninjago city, and the four playing a video game in Rise of the Serpentine, so it is rather a mix of old and present times.
  • Unlike the larger sets in the line, the minifigures and weapons in the Spinner sets are made from a cheaper Chinese plastic, rather than the usual ABS.
  • The video game LEGO Universe features two games areas unique to Ninjago.
  • Crux Prime, a game world which features an area called the Maelstrom Quarry, which features a ruined part of Ninjago Monastery, a Ninja of Imagination named Neido, and Nuckal.
  • The Ninjago Monastery, which unlike in the cartoon, is not set upon a high mountain. Sensei Wu, Jay, Kai, Zane, Cole, Chopov, Krazi, Bonezai, and Frakjaw can be found here. It does not feature a training course.
  • This is the second theme based on ninjas, the other being Ninja.
  • In commercial of the new 2012 spinners of LEGO NINJAGO, Samurai X lost the fight and lost a golden weapon, and the next scene you will see that it uses a golden card with a simple weapon. It is a mistake because a golden card can be played only if the character has a golden weapon.
  • Ninjago appeared on the front cover of the 2011 and 2012 January LEGO catalogs as well as the August 2011 cover.
  • Usually the front cover of the January LEGO catalogs are reserved for the new theme of the year, but Ninjago still appeared on the January 2012 front cover, probably because it is a very popular theme.
  • In episode 9, "The Royal Blacksmiths," when talking about the 2nd Fang Blade, Cole references Clutch Powers, the main character from LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers.
  • In "Viper Smash" Jay has Cole's vest and golden armour.
  • Ninjago has two apps in the iOS app store.
  • There's some Halloween costumes for boys called "Ninja Avenger" are loosely based on Cole, Jay, Kai, Lloyd Garmadon, and Zane. All of the costumes are based on their original appearances, but Lloyd doesn't have his own original costume in the series.[3]



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