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Ninjago (right) and its counterpart the Island of Darkness (left).

The land of Ninjago is the location of the Ninjago theme. Both Ninjago and the Island of Darkness look like Dragons. Though this is speculation, Ninjago, and the Dark Island, are the only land masses in the world, which from the space view, makes the planet look enormous. The "Endless Ocean" almost tells that the 2 islands are the only land masses on the planet. Ninjago City, the only known city in Ninjago, is apparently the world's capitol, which appears to have over 3 million people. The city was in many episodes starting in season 1. The city also appears to take a normal city look in the first-second season and a futuristic city look in the third season. In a couple of scenes, you can see few things from other themes, such as LEGO City, as seen at the Jail, where you can see the LEGO City Police Badge, with the studs.

It is unknown why nothing in Ninjago is made out of actual LEGO bricks.


Ninjago was first created by the The First Spinjitzu Master using The Four Golden Weapons. In LEGO Ninjago: Official Guide, Sensei Wu describes Ninjago as a planet. In the Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu episode "The Stone Army", Misako reveals to the ninjas that the Spinjitzu master created Ninjago for good purposes, but there had to be evil because it was the natural order. The Overlord, an evil entity, fought the master with the outcome being no side winning or losing. When the Overlord created his indestructible Stone Warriors, the master decided to split Ninjago in two with the Stone Warriors on the side representing evil so he wouldn't risk losing the war. The evil side of Ninjago that was cut off has since been called "The Island of Darkness".


Caves of Despair

The Caves of Despair are named so because they often have wind blast through the a thousand miles of tunnels. The weather is 48°F / 9°C.

The caves are home to the large and poisonous snakes, which are known to grow up to 74 feet long and can paralyze an elephant in 2.9 seconds. It is also home to over 50,000 species of spiders, all venomous. The spiders are hunted by bats. There are no plants in the caves, though mushrooms grow, as does an inedible popcorn, a cave coral. The cave also contains lots of stalactites and stalagmites.

The caves contain a mud slide, hidden treasure, cave art, snake scale walls, lost tunnels and a Maze of Doom.

Floating Ruins

The Floating Ruins is home to a never-ending storm, sharp-horned mountain goats, cougars, and condors. The only flora that grows are small mosses, lichen and lightning buds.

Frozen Wasteland

The Frozen Wasteland is an area of Ninjago where temperatures regularly dip as low as -50 degrees centigrade (-58F). It is made almost entirely of ice. Animals that live here include Polar Ice Bears, the largest predators in the area; Frozen Owls, which only move when hungry and Iceberg Whales, which eat polar bears and freeze their prey with their breath first, before singing and playing with it. Vegetation includes Dwarf Shrubs, with leaves of gold; Very Wild Flowers, which can be heard laughing and Ice Berries. It also has the Hall of Mirrors Cave and the Cliffs of Hanging Icicles.

Forest of Tranquility

The Forest of Tranquility is a calm and relaxing place. It is home to Bongo Tigers, Boogie-Woogie Bears and Lazy Bugs; Groovy Vines, Sleepy Willows, Couch Potatoes and Charming Flowers. It is said to be uncrossable.

Monastery of Spinjitzu

The Monastery is located high above Ninjago on top of the Mountains of Impossible Heights. It is where Sensei Wu trains his ninja. It is home to Ninja Squirrels, Ninja Bunnies, Ninja Tortoises, Ninja Bananas, Ninja Acorns and Ninja Carrots. It was destroyed by the Hypnobrai after they got their staff back.

It appears in 2504 Spinjitzu Dojo.

4 Weapons

4 Weapons is a blacksmith shop in Ninjago. It has been owned by the same family for generations and sells swords, knives, hammers, shurikens, maces, axes, spears, scythes, armour, helmets and gloves. It is featured in 2508 Blacksmith.

Fire Temple

The Fire Temple is said in legend to be located at the base of Titanic Volcano. It contains lava rivers and waterfalls, as well as pools of magma. It is on the other-side of the Forest of Tranquility. It is home to Burnt Fish, Molten Moles, Ash Bats, Fire Sticks, Lava Lillies and Volcanos.

The temple appears in 2507 Fire Temple.

The Underworld

The Underworld is where Lord Garmadon was banished. It is home to various skeletal-creatures and decayed vegetation. Grave Island is located here, as is Garmadon's Dark Fortress, which is protected by his giant Bone Spider. Previous guests to his fortress include Samukai, King of the Underworld, Frakjaw, Bonezai, Chopov, Krazi and Bob the Barbarian.

The Dark Continent

The Dark Continent is a place of dark power. It has mud monsters and craglings.

Ninjago Sky

The Sky of Ninjago is home to Hot Air Baboons, Light Condors, Cloud Corn, Sunny Flowers and Astro Plants.


Ouroborus was a lost city where the Serpentine once lived in. It has a statue of The Great Devourer. In The Snake King, Pythor P. Chumsworth found it by using an underground knob. It reappeared in "Wrong Place, Wrong Time," as Garmadon's base. It also reappeared in "Codename: Arcturus," as Pythor's base.

Ninjago City

Ninjago City is the biggest city in Ninjago, mostly filled with buildings and skyscrapers. It's a location of Darreth's Mojo Dojo, Patty Keys's apartment, NTV office building, and etc. It was first harmed by Great Devourer and later totally devastated in the Final Battle - but it was renewed and now named New Ninjago City.

New Ninjago City

New Ninjago City is the reestablishment of Ninjago City. It includes modern buildings along with hover-copters, super hybrid assault vehicles, security mechs, fighter jets, and hover cars. The massive Borg Industries is built on the site of the Overlord's defeat. The builders in New Ninjago City wear the same suit as the Construction Worker.

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