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Ninjago Brickmaster





7 - 14


July 18, 2011



Ninjago Brickmaster is a Ninjago themed Brickmaster Book released on July 18, 2011. It has 48 pages, two minifigures, more than 140 pieces, and a storybook that sheds light on the reason behind the builds.

DK Description

This is a description taken from DK. Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Includes more than 140 bricks, two minifigures, and a storybook!

Make 8 Exclusive LEGO® Models!

Build the coolest vehicles, buildings, and LEGO® Ninjago structures you can imagine!
Enter the world of Ninjago, the LEGO Group's exciting new line of ninja-themed structures and minifigures, featuring an entire world of ninja heroes, villains and storylines. With more than 140 LEGO® bricks, two minifigures, and a book of instructions and stories, this Brickmaster kit lets young ninjas build and play to their heart's content.

Minifigures included


  • ISBN 13: 9780756682767
  • ISBN 10: 0756682762
  • In the set, as well as in some other early Ninjago sets, the Sword of Fire is just a gold Katana instead of the new molded piece.
  • The book provides quite a bit of information as to Frakjaw's personality and abilities. (See "Notes" section on Frakjaw's page)
  • The set was re-released in new packaging under the name "Build an Adventure". This time, the bricks were in a standard LEGO box instead of a hardcover book. The story and model instructions were attached as a smaller, paperback book.



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