150px-Nynrah Ghost Blaster

Nynrah Ghostblasters are used by the Toa Nuva Mistika and the Makuta Mistika in the BIONICLE 2008 sets.


They use a type of pump-action, in that a "pump" is employed to push air through a tube, launching the missile. The ammo resembles a Cordak dart, with a ball at one end.


The Toa could use their minds to convert the projectile into whatever they could think of; for example, the projectile could become a fireball if so wished.

The Mistika Makuta's ammo allowed them to control mechanical parts.

The colours varied based on faction. The pump trigger on a Toa blaster was grey, while a Makuta blaster had a red trigger. Also, Toa ammunition would be a dark grey, while Makuta ammo was a pulsing green.

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