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OGEL Island is The Brickster's custom island in space. It was featured in LEGO Island 2. Ogel is LEGO spelled backwards.


When the Infomaniac told the Brickster he was going to make a new minifig, the Brickster went insane with jealousy. He stole some bricks from LEGO Island and left to make his own island. According to the LEGO Island 1 manual, the Brickster named it OGEL. However, revealed in LEGO Island 2, the island is in fact in Space. The Brickster's structures rest on an island-shaped asteroid that floats near the Earth. When the Brickster deconstructed the LEGO Island, all the bricks supposedly went to OGEL.


OGEL Island only had a handful of buildings. It featured a colourful landing pad that ships and shuttles would probably land on if it were occupied. The landing pad has many holes in it and if anyone falls off Ogel Island they land back on it. On one "peninsula", there was only a strange monolith around which a troupe of space monkeys danced (a reference to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey). On another penisula sat the Space Port with a ship, which resembled a fish skeleton, made with meshes of System and TECHNIC pieces. On the last peninsula, the OGEL Pizzeria sits. On the plateau on top of OGEL Island stands the Brickster's Palace, Brickster's home on OGEL.


The citizens of OGEL Island were mainly mutants. Along with Brickster-Bots other citizens include a head in a hovercraft vehicle, mutant Centaur astronaut, scorpion skull flower creature, floating snake, Slimey Slugs, a 2D floating head with a cape and floating hands, and the dancing monkeys. In the Asteroid Belt near Ogel Island there are a lot of Rock Monsters (also orbiting it).

The list includes:

  • Heads floating in hover vehicles, robots, and astronauts
  • Slimey Slugs (from Rock Raiders)
  • Rock Monsters (from Rock Raiders, seen in space while parachuting down through an asteroid field)




  • Energy crystals can be found on Ogel Island.
  • The Dancing monkeys are a parody of 2001: A Space Odyssey. In addition, the pizza making minigame is to the tune of The Blue Danube, featured in 2001, along with the space setting.
  • Ogel is also the name of the main villain from Alpha Team.
  • It is inhabited with Slimey Slugs and Rock Monsters are similar to those from the Rock Raiders setting, known as Planet U.
  • The buildings also seem to be made with pieces from not only LEGO Island, but the Adventurers and Castle islands too.

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