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"Cyrus Borg? Yes. Unfortunately when my parents gave me a name like that, my future in technology was predetermined."
―Cyrus Borg"

Cyrus Borg, or OverBorg, is a Ninjago figure in the REBOOTED line.


After the defeat of the Overlord Cyrus Borg had the idea to rebuild Ninjago City. He made the city a center of technological advancements and named it, "New Ninjago City". He built Borg Industries on the site of the Overlord's defeat.

In The Surge, the Overlord somehow returned as a computer virus. He told Borg to make the Ninja return to New Ninjago City. When the Ninja arrived, Cyrus Borg came with a spider wheel chair, and told the Ninja he had been disabled all of his life. He also told Zane that he felt sorry his father died. Then, Cyrus gave the Ninja a statue of himself. Inside, he put in the Techno Robes and Blades. He told Kai that the Ninja must go, and that the Overlord is listening.

Soon, the Digital Overlord discovered that Cyrus Borg gave the Ninja the Techno Blades, which were the only thing that could defeat him. He added robotic parts to Cyrus and possessed his spider chair, becoming the OverBorg.

In Blackout, builders at Borg Industries find Cyrus Borg on the ground. When Cyrus Borg wakes up, he sees that the Digital Overlord's hard drive is gone. Since the Overlord possessed Borg's spider chair, Cyrus travels on an ordinary wheel chair.


  • He has been disabled all his life. First moving around with a wheelchair, then with spider-like mechanical legs.[source?]
  • His villain name (Overborg) is a play on the words "Overlord" and "Cyborg". His real name (Cyrus Borg) is a play on "Cyborg".
  • Cyrus Borg had made the ninja outfits and Techno Blades.
  • He has created Borg Tower, P.I.X.A.L., the hoover car, and the security mech. OverBorg created the MechDragon
  • Jay has a Cyrus Borg poster on the wall of his room.
  • His minifigure has a double sided head, one side showing him as the OverBorg and the other as Cyrus Borg, with a smile and no mechanical eye.
  • In OverBorg Attack, the Overlord possessed Cyrus's body. However, in the show, the Overlord possessed his mech chair. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

A skilled and imaginative inventor, Cyrus Borg saw the damage done to Ninjago City by the battle with the Overlord as an opportunity.
He rebuilt the place as New Ninjago City, packed with high technology upgrades, and built the Borg Industries complex right on the site of the Overlord’s defeat.
Borg’s successes have been many, but his few failures have been spectacular as well (the electronic papercut carving set, the electric bath mat, the nuclear toothbrush, the turbo-jet powered, sub-orbital golf cart, etc.).
“When I make a mistake, I make a big one!” he has been known to say.



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