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"Where there is light, there will always be shadow!"
―The Overlord battling Lloyd in Rise of the Spinjitzu Master.

Overlord is an evil spirit and the main antagonist since Skales's defeat in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu who created the Stone Army out of an unbreakable material only found on the Dark Island. He also commands the Nindroids. He is set to be released in a set in 2014. [1]


When Ninjago was created by The First Spinjitzu Master, the overlord was created too. He and the master began a battle between good and evil. To help him combat the master, he created The Stone Army from indestructible material. The first spinjitzu master knew he could not win, so he created the Dark Island and banished the overlord and his army there.

Years later Lord Garmadon teamed up with the Serpentine in an attempt to destroy the ninja (Jay, Kai, Zane and Cole). After the ninja thwarted all his plans, Garmadon made one last ditch attempt by finding the dark island. The Serpentine betrayed him, and threw him in the ocean. Garmadon washed ashore on a small island days later. It was there that he met the overlord.

The Overlord and Garmadon teamed up to take over Ninjago. The Overlord instructed Garmadon to climb to the top of the mountain. There, Garmadon turned four cranks and The Dark Island came out of the ocean. The overlord then urged Garmadon take the helmet of shadows so he could control the stone army, in turn starting the celestial clock that counts down to the final battle between good and evil.

Next The Overlord instructed Garmadon to instruct the army to build a super weapon. The Ninja soon showed up on the island in an attempt to stop evil winning the final battle. The clock reached zero, and the super weapon was powered up. The Overlord gave the super weapon, Garmatron, to Garmadon so he could take over Ninjago.

Garmadon drove the Garmatron to the beach of the Dark Island and Fired a dark-matter missile onto Ninjago. This disturbed the balance between good and evil and the Overlord possessed Garmadon's body. Lloyd Garmadon attacked the overlord, and started the final battle. The overlord injured Lloyd's leg and traveled to Ninjago to claim his place as ruler, leaving the ninja on the Dark Island.

The Ninja returned to Ninjago, only to discover the Garmatron had turned into a fortress and the Overlord had transformed into a massive dragon. The ninja climbed Garmatron, but only Lloyd made it to the top. Lloyd used his golden energy and summoned The Golden Dragon and began the final battle. They were evenly matched, then the overlord gained the upper hand and swallowed the Golden Dragon. The Golden Dragon unleashed the maximum power of Lloyd's golden energy, dispersing the Overlord and the Darkness, and purifying Ninjago once again.

However, the Overlord was not entirely destroyed. Reverted to his weakened state from the Dark Island, he returns and disguise himself as a computer virus which infected Borg Industries, and builds the Nindroid Army. Needing bodies and technology to sustain himself, he plans to capture Lloyd to harness his Golden powers and escape the digital realm with his own body. In the episode Blackout, the hardrive with the Overlord virus was stolen by Pythor.


TV Appearances


  • The first picture featured in the Gallery below makes the Overlord look mysteriously like Artwork for Baron Typhonus' (Otherwise known as "The Darkitect") face, who, like the Overlord, is the main villain and creator of the Maelstrom in LEGO's MMOG LEGO Universe. (The specific artwork is the second-to-last Gallery picture in the following link).
  • One of the things he says, "Where there is light, there will always be shadow", is a possible reference to BIONICLE, as Takanuva and Makuta Teridax were light and shadow respectively and Lloyd and the Overlord are light and shadow respectively.
  • His shoulders are the same that the Gundabad Orcs wear but the Overlord's shoulders are in golden.
  • The Overlord's disguise's story and appearance is similar to that of Digifier Dark Lord Khan (Known as Kilokhan in Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, the American dub of Gridman) of Denkou Choujin Gridman fame.
  • In the show the ninja twice mistook his titles for characters they already know: Dark Lord(though it referred to Garmadon), Golden Master (the Ninjas mistook Lloyd for being the golden master)


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