Buggoid Head 002 Design ID: 12981
Element IDs:
Years in production: 2012 - 2013 Available Colours:
Olive Green

Part 12981, also known as Head, Creature No. 6, 2013, Nr 1, is a unique headpiece used for the Alien Buggoid of the Galaxy Squad theme. It has appeared in two sets to date.


The head is olive green and oddly shaped, with a brow that slants downward two black eyes on each side, one larger than the other. Each eye has four red dots in the centre. The mouth consists of four wide, blunt teeth, two on each side. The forehead's mould depicts wrinkles or overlapping dermal plates. They are lined with dark green. At the top, the head forms into three prongs much like a crown. The back stretches into a "head-tail", draping down below the level of the head.

Gallery of Variants

Olive Green


Olive Green


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