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Design ID:

Part 30238




Light Grey
Transparent Blue
Transparent Green


1999 - 2008, 2010, 2012 - 2013, 2016

Part 30238 is a piece shaped like a spider. It has a hole on the bottom so it can connect to studs. It was introduced in the Adventurers theme.

Heroica description

The giant Spiders of Waldurk Forest had always been scary too look upon but had not troubled travelers or villagers before. Now that the monsters have infested the land, the Spiders have grown aggressive and pose a dangerous threat to anyone who dares enter the forest. STRENGTH 1 Lose a battle against a monster and he will take as many Health away from your Hero as his strength category shows.


  • A few spiders appear in the video game LEGO Racers in the Spider cave on the Amazon Adventure Alley track in the second and fifth circuit.
  • A spider is also a car element in the Build mode in LEGO Racers.
  • An indented cross is present on the body.
  • In original Heroica teasers, the Spider is shown to be four times the size of a microfigure, but in the animated comics, it's only half the size of a microfigure.(Probably due to animation according to set form.)
  • The spider piece was first introduced as glow-in-the-dark as a type of flick-fire missile in the Monster Fighters Vampyre Castle.


  • Black
  • Medium Stone Grey
  • Bright Orange
  • Tr. Blue
  • Tr, Fluore. Green
  • Bright Blue
  • Bright Red
  • Bright Yellow
  • Dark Green
  • Glow-In-The-Dark


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Epic Dragon Battle


Medium Stone Grey

Bright Orange

Tr. Blue

Tr. Fluore. Green


Bright Red



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