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Battledamageddarthvader Design ID: 3626bpx406

Years in production: 2008 Pick a Brick price: N/A Available Colours:

Part 3626bpx406, or the Battle Damaged Darth Vader minifigure head, is a LEGO part. It has so far only appeared in one set and is Darth Vader's head after substaining heavy damage.

Physical Description

The part is primarily grey, with black designs. His right eye with an eyebrow on top is visible, it being black and in an angry position. His left eye is covered by the remains of Darth Vader's destroyed mask. The remains go from the eye to the neck, but do not cover the mouth, which is clearly visible. The bottom of the head is covered by more remains of his mask. Scratches are seen on his face.

Background Information

This head was made to resemble Darth Vader after encountering Starkiller on the first Death Star. Starkiller arrived at the Death Star to free his friends, the founders of the Rebel Alliance, from the clutches of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. In the battle, Starkiller nearly destroys Darth Vader in a long and enduring lightsaber duel, leaving his mask and armour shattered and nearly destroyed.

Set Appearances

This minifigure head has only appeared in one set so far; the 7672 Rogue Shadow, released in 2008 under the Star Wars Expanded Universe line.

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