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Shield of Ages one Design ID: 3846px19

Years in production: 2006 Available Colours:

Part 3846px19 is a shield piece used to represent the Shield of Ages in Knight's Kingdom II.


The Shield of Ages was a magical shield created by the first knight in Morcia, Orlan. It was later broken in battle, and the shards were lost. When Jayko and the other knights freed King Mathias from the prison, he told them that the heart of the shield laid in the Citadel of Orlan. The knights later dodged the obstacles of the citadel, and got the heart from The Guardian. When Jayko battled Vladek in the Grand Tournament, Jayko put the heart on his shield, and defeated Vladek by using its magic. After Vladek escaped the prison, he found the shards of the Shield of Ages, and created the Vladmask with its pieces. The Vladmask was used to destroy Morcia. Jayko destroyed the Vladmask before it worked. Later, King Jayko had the shield reforged at the Mistlands Tower, and used it to trap Vladek in a crystal ball at the top of the tower.

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