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Long Legs Design ID: Part 4562523/x1988cx2

Years in production: 2010 Available Colours:

Part 4562523/Part x1988cx2, also known as "Minifig Hips and Legs Long with Brown Boots Pattern" and Woody's legs, is an exclusive leg piece for the theme Toy Story. It is similar to Part x1988cx1, or Jessie's legs.


Part 4562523 is Toy Story's Woody's leg piece. The hip of the piece has a belt-like design. Instead of the regular minifigure legs with 4 holes in the back, this leg piece has 6 holes due to Woody's tallness in the Toy Story movies. The feet of the legs are designed to look like cowboy boots. The cowboy boot design does not occur in the back of the legs.


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