X1554px1.1204501640 Design ID: 50622

Years in production: 2005 Available Colours:

Part 50622 is the visor piece for Vladek's second action figure form.


The visor is mainly black, with red splashes located at the top. It is smooth and sloped, with two angled eyeholes and ridges just above them. These ridges, while most prominent above the eyes, actually start at the base of the mask, where a crease moves up the center, splitting into two parts at the eyes and curving upward into a pair of spikes above the visor. The crease separates the mask into two symmetrical parts. Below the eyeholes, the helmet widens and spreads out at the sides, giving the visor a menacing look.


Black / Red


  • This article uses the official numbering system that LEGO uses. On Peeron and Bricklink, the visor is known as Part x1554pb01 and Part x1554px1 respectively.
  • If not for the difference in colour, this piece would be identical to Part 53613.



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